Ocean City

104 Ocean Road First Floor, Frank Grzywacz, Joanne Grzywacz to Eugene Cascone, Christine Cascone; 6/17/2013. $315,000

325 Simpson Ave. N., Towers Furniture Co. to Anthony Dominick, Rita Dominick; 6/17/2013. $334,900

Latest Video

107 Wahoo Drive, Vincent La Spina, Jane La Spina toOocean City Partners LLC; 6/17/2013. $310,000

126 South Inlet Drive, Jeannette Wood, Abbe Newman, Robert Newman to Christiane Friedlander; 6/17/2013. $310,000

719 E. 11th St., Beverly Stewart, Ust Stewart Beverly L. Revocable Trust to Matthew Hesketh, Lauren Hesketh; 6/19/2013. $215,000

843 First St. Second Floor Unit B, Mary Buffett, Francis Buffett to Anthony Diorio, Lisa Diorio; 6/19/2013. $307,000

4326 West Ave., Francis McKnight, Maureen McKnight to Linda Pronkowitz, Kimberly Coffield; 6/19/2013. $265,000

222 West Ave., Robert Bray to Ocean City Development Group LLC ; 6/20/2013. $157,500

866 Plaza Place, ECM Estate Properties LLC to Robert Marceluk, Carol Marceluk; 6/21/2013. $349,000

Upper Township

1731 Route 9 Unit 14, Lawrence McDermott, Marguerite McDermott to Stephen J. Katsiff Revocable Living Trust; 6/17/2013. $291,500

1731 Route 9 S. Unit 139, David Restrepo, Carol Restrepo to James McGowan, Ruth McGowan; 6/17/2013. $283,000

3020 Route 9 S., Roberta Milano to Sarandoe Kordomenos, Laura Kordomenos; 6/20/2013. $200,000

420 Route 49, Joel Dougan, Jennifer Dougan to Adam Thron, Emily Hafele; 6/19/2013. $243,000

1 Wyncroft Drive, Marla Kohaut to Matthew Sullivan; 6/21/2013. $245,000


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