Ocean City

840 Ocean Ave. Unit 45, Craig Schwemmer, C. Schwemmer to Tammy Snyder Diane, Scott Snyder Michael; 12/17/2012. $105,000

1229-31 Haven Ave. Unit A, Matthew Haviland, Colleen Haviland, Robert McGrath, Caroline McGrath to Matthew Ligato, Melissa Ligato; 12/17/2012. $250,000

Latest Video

1135 Flinders Reef, Abizer Bookwala H., Jamila Bookwala A.P., J. Bookwala to Richard Blake, Laraine Blake L.; 12/17/2012. $322,000

510 17th St., Rodman Geisler Jack, Rodman Geisler J., Rodman Geisler J. to Brian Hassel C., D. Hassel Gail; 12/19/2012. $125,000

301 41st St. Unit 29, James Samalonis A., Nancy Samalonis J. to Michael Christina G., Annette Christina F.; 12/21/2012. $288,000

719 11th St. Unit 705, Elizabeth Derbyshire-Herbert, Elizabeth Herbert Derbyshire to Rebecca Knappenberger Amy; 12/22/2012. $227,500

1129 West Ave. Unit A, Charles Briggs S., Lynn Briggs A. to Thomas Pritchard E., Janine Pritchard M.; 12/22/2012. $325,000

819 Pennlyn Place, Kimberly Jackson A., Keith Jackson D., Kyle Bianco M., Charles Jackson H. to John Bianco, Kyle Bianco M.; 12/22/2012. $333,333

Upper Township

516 Route 9 Unit N-48, Dale Reeser C., Linda Reeser L. to Anthony Polito J., Eileen Polito J.; 12/19/2012. $65,000

21 Foxborough Road, David Bucciarelli J., Carol Bucciarelli A., D Bucciarelli J. to Nicole Mason, Carlton Mason; 12/20/2012. $275,000

10 Scott Lane, Michael Santesse, Delores Santesse, Michael Santesse R. to Theresa Hooks; 12/20/2012. $247,959

17 Lenape Lane, Thomas Clark F. to Brandon Walcott D., David Walcott; 12/20/2012. $220,000

5 Evergreen Drive, Daniel Gandolfo Adam, Kathleen Gandolfo Davidson, Kathleen Gandolfo H., Dan Gandolfo, Daniel Gandolfo A. to Patrick Selfridge, Julia Selfridge; 12/22/2012. $153,000


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