For 35 years, the Historical Preservation Society of Upper Township has presented the history of the area during meetings, festivals and events.

On Sept. 10, the historical society will jointly celebrate its 35th anniversary with Upper Township's 215th anniversary.

To commemorate the society, the group has put together a DVD for the anniversary party that features a brief history of each of the 10 communities within Upper Township.

"It's been a long process," Mike Houdart, 69, of Tuckahoe said. "We went through all our archives and found all these old pictures. (The DVD) shows the picture, and it has music and narration. Like Ken Burns. It's been five months, I think it turned out pretty nicely, we're looking forward to it."

Houdart has been instrumental in coordinating the making of the DVD.

"The DVD features a message from the mayor, and in it, it goes into the histories of the various townships," He said. "It describes backgrounds of the first inhabitants here, which were the Lenape Indians. (The DVD) mentions the Revolutionary War, bank robberies, trains, prison ships, and the 'Redcoats.'"

The historical society also plans on having its first regular meeting after the anniversary celebration on Oct. 8. The meeting's theme will be "railroad memories."

"It will be about the development of the railroad, particularly in Tuckahoe. After the railroad came through, Tuckahoe kind of became a railroad town," said society president Doug Longenecker, 83, of Tuckahoe. "It was an awful lot of activity back at the turn of the century up until the 40s."

Moving forward, the society will host its 13th annual Apple Fest, scheduled for Oct. 19.

"This is one of the two biggest fundraisers," said Sonia Forry, of Tuckahoe. The other fundraiser, Strawberry Fest, is typically in the spring.

Forry has been a member of the society since 1987; she was president for about 12 years and presently serves on the board as a historian for the society. This year, the society's Apple Fest will provide more entertainment than just apples.

"(There will be) a bee keeping demo, blacksmithing. We have someone who operates a smokehouse, We also have spinners, rug braiding, decoy carving - decoys for ducks," Forry said. "We have food and an apple pie baking contest, all kinds of apple foods for sale. We have apples for sale. We have cider."

Apple Fest will be held at the Gandy Farmstead in Upper Township.

The historical society meetings are typically held in the Upper Township branch of the Cape May County Library. They are free and open to the public.

The Sept. 10 anniversary celebration will be held at the Upper Township Community Center at

7 p.m.

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