Burnell on dean’s list Delaware Valley College

Delaware Valley College announced that Julie Burnell, of Seaville, has been honored for academic achievement by being named to the fall 2012 dean’s list.

Washington College announces dean’s list

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Washington College in Chestertown, Md., has announced its dean’s list for the fall 2012 semester, which includes Katelyn Washart, of Ocean View. Dean’s list students are recognized for their academic excellence and have achieved a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher for the semester.

Local students make dean’s list at TCNJ

The following local students have earned the honor of placement on the dean’s list at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) for the fall 2012 semester: Megan Devlin, of Marmora; Erik Johnson, of Ocean City; Nicolette Naticchione and Helene Previti, of Ocean View; Caitlin Wiesner, of Palermo; Cory Nickerson, of Seaville; and Corimae L. Gibson, of South Seaville.

Locals on dean’s list at Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island is pleased to announce that 4,199 undergraduates have qualified for the fall 2012 dean’s list, including James Lawrence Handshaw, of Ocean City; and Christian Mark Gill, of Seaville.

To make the dean’s list, students must have completed 12 or more credits during a semester for letter grades with at least a 3.3 quality-point average.

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