The 53 contestants have been dividided into three groups and they will compete in the order listed below.


Latest Video

Monday Interview

Tuesday - On-stage interview

Wednesday - Swimsuit/evening wear

Thursday - Talent

New Jersey - Piano

West Virginia - Vocal 

Connecticut - Irish Step Dance 

Louisiana - Vocal 

Arizona - Vocal 

Washington - Vocal 

Wyoming - Piano 

Maryland - Vocal 

Puerto Rico - African Folklore Dance 

Alaska - Piano

Florida - Baton Twirling  N

Utah - Vocal 

Montana - Tap Dance  

Vermont - Broadway Vocal 

Oklahoma - Vocal 

Idaho - Violin 

Maine - Vocal 


Monday - PM interview

Tuesday - Talent

Wednesday - on stage question

Thursday - swimsuit/evening wear

Hawaii - Contemporary Dance 

California - Ballet en Pointe 

Virgin Islands - Baton, flag and hoop 

Delaware - Vocal  

South Carolina - Vocal

District of Columbia - Bollywood Dance

Colorado - Operatic Vocal 

Wisconsin - Classical Piano 

Rhode Island - Jazz Vocal 

Georgia - Vocal 

New Hampshire - Vocal 

Massachusetts - Tap Dance

Kentucky - Vocal 

Arkansas - Contemporary Clogging 

Texas - Vocal 

Nebraska - Vocal 

Michigan - Baton Twirling 

Missouri - Vocal 


Tuesday - AM interview

Tuesday -  Swimsuit/evening wear

Wednesday - Talent

Thursday - On-stage question

Kansas - Vocal 

Oregon  - Electric Violin 

North Carolina - Vocal 

Nevada - Lyrical Dance 

South Dakota - Gymnastics Dance 

North Dakota - Classical Vocal 

New York - Classical Bollywood Fusion 

New Mexico - Vocal 

Ohio - Lyrical Dance 

Mississippi - Vocal 

Indiana - Vocal 

Iowa - Vocal 

Virginia - Contemporary Piano 

Illinois - Irish Dance 

Minnesota - Violin 

Alabama - Ballet en Pointe 

Tennessee - Classical Vocal 

Pennsylvania - Lyrical Dance 

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