Press of Atlantic City: Corruption


Christine Todd Whitman / Let's act to cut the cost of corruption

It's been almost two months since "corruption Thursday" - that day in July when 44 people, including many New Jersey political leaders, were led into federal court in handcuffs. Since that time, I hope New Jerseyans have not forgotten the shame and embarrassment these supposed leaders brought to our state. They have perpetuated a stereotype of New Jersey I have spent my life fighting, and they once again shattered what little trust the voters have in their elected officials. While political corruption is unfortunately an all-too-common occurrence in our state, I hope that these latest arrests - if only for their sheer magnitude - will motivate New Jerseyans to say, "Enough is enough."

William J. Hughes / Answer starts with informed voters

Public service is a noble calling, and election or appointment to public office a singular honor and privilege. The vast majority of our public officials get that, and they serve their communities honestly and diligently, often at great sacrifice to themselves and their families. They relish the opportunity to help make their community and nation a better place.

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