“My condolences to the families of these teenagers. I taught Ramon in fourth grade. He was a bright young man with a kind heart. I am so sorry to hear of his tragic passing.”

Mary Lenahan

via PressofAC.com

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“Awful. No parent should have to endure this.”

TDarielle Bettis

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‘Update: Families mourn 2 teen swimmers missing off Atlantic City’

“I wish someone would buy out Straub!”

Bob Beaton

via PressofAC.com

‘Judge places $62,000 lien

on former Revel casino property’

“Talk about the kiss of death. Feel sorry for Guardian that he now has to run with this anvil around his neck.”

Amanda Bonner

via PressofAC.com

‘Guadagno endorses Guardian

for re-election in AC’

“At last a president with the courage to stand up and demand this murderer be sent back to N.J. to serve her sentence.”

Pat Boyce

via PressofAC.com

‘Trump to Cuba: Return woman convicted in NJ trooper’s murder’

“I agree, especially since most of the expense will be passed on to the taxpayers of Atlantic City like everything else. If there is not a savings to the city and taxpayers why change it?”

Jane Laielli

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‘Atlantic City residents, activists file petitions for vote on sale of MUA’

“If they decide to implement this, they should vote for the money to be allocated not for 2017-18 but for 2018-19. It’s wrong to ... make such drastic and sweeping changes to all these schools budgets at the 11th hour.”

Denise Arndt Brasher

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‘New school aid plan has big winners

and losers in South Jersey’

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