Maybe the Beach Boys-like harmonies of the Philadelphia indie pop-rock band Dr. Dog made the sun break through the clouds at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday.

Vocally, they were clearly inspired by the legendary group famous for singing about girls, cars, surfing and the California sun.

 On the Atlantic stage, Dr. Dog didn't draw the sizable crowds that showed up on other days of the festival for the Flaming Lips or O.A.R., but they played a little earlier in the day than those acts.

The people who gathered in front of the band between the stage and the soundboard were really into the cult band as they danced, applauded and cheered them along.

 Besides the vocal harmonies of bassist Toby Leaman, lead guitarist Scott McMicken and rhythm guitarist Frank McElroy, the best thing about Dr. Dog was the unusual touches they put into their songs.

Their tune, "The Ark," featured a little touch of psychedelia near the end and twin-lead harmony guitar work from McMicken and McElroy.

They played several songs from their newest CD, "Shame, Shame," from last year and they were among the strongest songs of their set

-- Vincent Jackson