Die-hard Dave Matthews Band fans poured through the gates Saturday, running to three different stages despite security guards telling to walk.

The fans, catching their breath in the stagnant sun, discussed their travel experiences – and what today’s concert means to them.

Kurt Vanderwalt, 26, traveled from Cape Town,South Africa. Dave Matthews was born in that country.

Vanderwalt flew in Thursday. Leaving Monday. Life dream fulfilled.

“Other than my wedding day, best day of my life,” Vanderwalt said.

Aaron Rogers – no, not the Super Bowl winning quarterback – drove for 14 hours from Indiana to stand in the front row for Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds’ 4 p.m. performance.

Brad Cutler only came from Cherry Hill, about an hour drive northeast of Atlantic City. He’s seen DMB two other times before this weekend.

Now, he's gaining some concert experiences to add to his DMB repertoire – with a much shorter trek home than Vanderwalt’s 7,800 flying miles.