The Atlantic City Board of Education

DIANE D'AMICO Staff Writer

ATLANTIC CITY — Pay rates for long-term substitute teachers in the Atlantic City school district will be increased under a resolution approved by the school board this week.

The new plan adds a staggered pay scale that increases the longer a teacher is in the assignment.

Earlier this year, the district contracted with Source4Teachers of Cherry Hill to provide substitute teachers and paraprofessionals. The pay rate for daily substitutes remained the same, $85 for noncertified teachers and $95 for certified teachers.

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But the pay rate for long-term substitutes dropped dramatically from $284 per day, or about the same rate as a full-time teacher in the district, to $125.

A Source4Teachers representative said that rate was similar to other area districts. A review by The Press of Atlantic City found other local districts that are paying more.

Under the new plan, teachers will be paid $125 per day for the first 30 days. The pay is $175 per day for days 31 to 60. It increases to $225 per day for days 61 to 90, and $250 per day thereafter.

After hearing concerns about the pay and additional responsibilities of a long-term sub, the board agreed to review the rates and developed the graduated pay scale.

Local resident Charles Goodman spoke at the board meeting, saying he had been a long-term substitute in the district and the job has all the responsibilities of a regular, full-time teacher.

“The other teachers supported me, and I really felt like a real teacher,” he said.


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