Michael Lyons

Rank: 1

Hometown: Mullica Township

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College: Stevens Institute of Technology

Major: Computer science

Paige Richards

Rank: 2

Hometown: Galloway Township

College: Stockton University

Major: Biology

Shayla Murray

Rank: 3

Hometown: Galloway Township

College: Princeton University

Major: Pre-med

Darcy McLaughlin

Rank: 4

Hometown: Galloway Township

College: Stevens Institute of Technology

Major: Biomedical engineering

Aliya Mahmud

Rank: 5

Hometown: Mays Landing

College: Georgia Tech

Major: Aerospace engineering

“Iron is strong, but can be molded to adopt the shape of our choosing. … While we may have been forged, as iron is, by our families, friends and teachers, to whom we owe the greatest gratitude, no one can tell us that we cannot cast ourselves back into the furnace as many times as we see fit, to meet our goals and to meet the demands of the life that we want to live.”

— Michael Lyons

“The one thing I truly encourage everyone to do this evening is to honor the support systems that have gotten us this far…Surround yourself with positive people who inspire you, motivate you, and challenge you. Find those who will not only pick you up when you fall, but will also knock some sense into you when you stray from the right path.”

— Paige Richards

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