Valentino Joseph Torres

Rank: 1

Hometown: Absecon

Latest Video

College: Rowan University

Major: Music technology/music business

Bryan Michael Woolbert

Rank: 2

Hometown: Egg Harbor Township

College: Cairn University

Major: Music Technology & Music Recording

Nikola Bee Berardo

Rank: 3

Hometown: Absecon

College: Atlantic Cape Community College

Major: Liberal arts

Jourdynn Zoe Elizabeth Cooper

Rank: 4

Hometown: Estell Manor

College: Gettysburg College

Major: Physical education

James Joseph Tartaglio

Rank: 5

Hometown: Egg Harbor Township

College: Atlantic Cape Community College

Major: Secondary Education

“We face troubling times ahead of us. At a time of uncertainty in this country, with great racial tensions, and fear in our backyards, it is hard for us to stay strong. However, we must all come together as brothers and sisters and protect this beautiful nation. We must eliminate racism and rise above bigots and sexists. We must tear down walls, and in their place build communities with each other and the rest of the world.”

_ Valentino Joseph Torres, valedictorian

“When pursuing a dream aimed at changing the world, the “sweat” of failure is inescapable. As a result, skepticism, criticism, and underestimation are also inevitable. Out of the many lessons I have learned in high school, perhaps the most profound is to never cease construction of the walls that protect your dream against the missiles of discouragement. … Encourage someone, change a life, illuminate the future!”

_ Bryan Michael Woolbert, salutatorian



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