Ella Glenn

Rank: 1

Hometown: Egg Harbor Township

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College: Franklin & Marshall College

Major: Chemistry (Pre-Med)

Maya Desai

Rank: 2

Hometown: Egg Harbor Township

College: Rowan University

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Lance Guzman

Rank: 3

Hometown: Egg Harbor Township

College: Rowan University

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Michael Auble

Rank: 4

Hometown: Egg Harbor Township

College: University of Pennsylvania

Major: Chemistry

Priya Parikh

Rank: 5

Hometown: Egg Harbor Township

College: Rutgers New Brunswick

Major: Electrical engineering and computational biology

“Every day, you get 86,400 seconds. If someone steals 10 seconds of your time being negative towards you, do not let it affect the rest of the 86,390 seconds of your day. …. As an aspiring chemist, I like to look at the glass as completely full, half in the liquid state and half in the vapor states. … The first has all of the positives that there are to enjoy, and the second has all of the things that we can learn from.”

— Ella Glenn, valedictorian

“Our generation has been called by Time magazine as ‘lazy, entitled, narcissists, who live with their parents.’ But we view life differently; we are more accepting, more expressive, more confident and more innovative. We don’t just see one path available, we see limitless possibilities to make our lives our own. But hey, if all else fails, we can always move back in with our parents.”

— Maya Desai, salutatorian


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