Glenn Brown

Rank: 1

Hometown: Tuckerton

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College: The College of New Jersey

Major: Biology

Susanna Cardillo

Rank: 2

Hometown: Little Egg Harbor

College: Wheaton College

Major: Nursing

Britny Dileo

Rank: 3

Hometown: Little Egg Harbor

College: Stockton University

Major: Nursing

Meghan Crawford

Rank: 4

Hometown: Little Egg Harbor

College: Rutgers University

Major: Stage management

Thomas Madge

Rank: 5

Hometown: Little Egg Harbor

College: The College of New Jersey

Major: Physics

“There are other, much more experienced people, who are capable of giving meaningful advice. … I ask you to enjoy and live in every moment. … Days will move on and after just one blink a whole month could go by. … It is the friends and people I’ve come to know that have made high school such a great experience for me, and I wish I would’ve slowed down to enjoy the little moments a little more.

— Glenn Brown, valedictorian

“None of us will soon forget Superstorm Sandy. … We were impressionable eighth-graders back then. We observed the hardship it caused personal friends and family as many of the homes in our own community were severely tested by the massive hurricane. Unexpected storms of many different kinds will come into each of our lives. In a world that is constantly shifting and changing, we need a foundation, something timeless that remains constant.”

— Susanna Cardillo, salutatorian



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