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Dr. Garnell Bailey, Acting Superintendent. Friday February 25 2011.

Ben Fogletto

Superintendent Garnell Bailey, suspended by the school board on Tuesday only to be reinstated a day later, told school teachers and employees Thursday to focus on the district's students, not the ongoing turmoil

Bailey held a brief meeting in the Pleasantville High School auditorium to officially announce her return.

“I am here to tell you personally, to stay focused on your work,”Bailey said to about 30 educators and school employees.

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“I know some of you are disappointed, because, yes, I am still the superintendent of the school,” she said.

But she went on to say that with the upcoming state testing "personal agendas should be put aside."

Bailey told the audience that the focus needs to stay on the students.

Some teachers said that the drama unfolding over the superintendent's position in the last two days hadn't affected daily school activities.

“I just wait it out,” said art teacher Robin D'Adamo, who has been there for 15 years. She said that in that time she has seen the same cycle of events numerous times, and she knew to wait a few days for it to get sorted out.

“It was a normal day,” said music teacher Dianna Hughes.

The two teachers, along with art teacher Amy Gardiner explained that the constant turnover of principals and superintendents has rendered them immune to the changes.

The only way to deal with everything is to stay focused on the teaching, they said.

Bailey was suspended Tuesday night by a 5-4 vote for unspecified reasons. However, the district which operates under a a state monitor, saw its decision overturned in less than 24 hours.

State monitor James Riehman said the board’s decision was not in the best interests of the district.

Bailey is the 15th superintendent to serve in the district in the last 15 years.

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