Atlantic City provides a rat’s nest of options when it comes to bars. Everything from the hippest casino lounges to the most basic old-man bars can be found here. A town well known for being a bit gritty, it provides some nice options when it comes to dive bars.

What started a half decade ago as a celebration of the nation’s burgeoning craft-spirit craze has branched out internationally, as Golden Nugget Atlantic City’s fifth annual Whiskey Revival festival has several overseas brands new to its sampling lineup, along with other unique artisan spirits.

Ahh, Sundays in the fall … a time to gather together in large groups and angrily scream at the television for three hours at a time, while merrily downing beers and a parade of snacks. Yes, football provides a wonderful excuse to head down to the local pub. It’s about as American a tradition…

Every casino in Atlantic City — every one — has at least one Asian restaurant. But one in particular has stood out over the last few years, raising the bar for authentic Chinese cuisine while also pleasing the casual Asian diner.

It’s here. Atlantic City Weekly’s 50 Bites+ has arrived to the delight of ravenous eaters everywhere.