This city offers that most rare of New Jersey experiences - the free day at the beach. Atlantic City has no beach tags, so you're welcome every day, no charge.

BACKGROUND: The Walk is one of Atlantic City's most popular shopping communities. The outside shopping mall is packed with outlet and traditional stores. It spans Atlantic, Artic and Baltic avenues in Atlantic City, close to where most visitors enter the city via the Atlantic City Expressway.

BACKGROUND: Catch some of the hottest movie releases in 3D and on a super-large screen at the IMAX Theater in Atlantic City. The theater is located inside the Quarter at the Tropicana.

BACKGROUND: The Museum on Garden Pier honors the history of Atlantic City with artifacts, costumes, posters, postcards and, of course, Miss America memorabilia.

BACKGROUND: The Basin on New Hampshire Avenue is the location of the Atlantic City Aquarium, Atlantic City Marina, a crafter's village and several restaurants.

BACKGROUND: Boardwalk Hall is one of the largest venues at the New Jersey shore for music, sports, and more. Everyone from Bruce Springsteen to the Rolling Stones have played Boardwalk Hall, which for decades also hosted the annual Miss America Pageant.

The Boardwalk in Atlantic City is a defining element of the southern New Jersey Shore. It's claimed that Atlantic City was home to the world's first boardwalk. The Atlantic City Boardwalk also holds the title of the World's Longest Boardwalk, as its nearly six mile stretch goes from the top …