With the Atlantic City skyline behind them, Dave Matthews and guitarist Tim Reynolds gave about 16,000 fans an afternoon delight ... a teaser for what was to happen later when they headlined at the DMB Caravan's musicfest Saturday night.

The duo reunited for a rare acoustic performance and the crowd responded, growing by the hundreds with every song that passed.

Opening with the ballad, "Grace is Gone," they quickly changed gears with the more uptempo "Save Me," where Reynolds and Matthews made two acoustic guitars sound like a complete band.

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Other standouts included the beautiful "Where Are You Going" and "Lie in Our Graves," the latter where Reynolds once again proved this weekend what a great guitarist he is. The finale, "So Damn Lucky," seemed a fitting end to describe both the duo and the fans.

The two talented musicians seemed to have fun playing songs they might not usually play with the Dave Matthews Band, such as the twangy "Old Dirt Hill," the ballad "Oh" and the emotional "Eh hee."

Matthews and Reynolds could have spared the crowd from an overlong, unimpressive instrumental that ate into the time they could have been playing another song fans would appreciate more.

Like in most of their acoustic shows, Matthews was far more chatty than he is with the whole band, offering witty ditties, including one in which he talked about eating parts of a "beast" at a Portugese restaurant in South Africa that was actually pretty good thanks to some hot sauce.

Although they left the crowd wanting more, leaving promptly after their scheduled 45-minute set, Dave and Tim offered a mellow set on a beautiful summer day that was one of the memorable acts of the weekend so far.

Dave and Tim setlist

Grace is Gone

Save Me

Old Dirt Hill

Eh he

Where are You Going?



Lie in Our Graves



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