At left is Yancy Craig, next to his mom Barbara. Jo-Ann Greene is at right. All are from of Ottawa, Canada.

It took more than knee surgery to keep Jo-Ann Greene from this weekend's Dave Matthews Band Carvan show in Atlantic CIty.

Greene, 61, and her friend Barbara Craig, 64, headed straight to the Atlantic stage as soon as gates opened at about 1 p.m.

"I just had my knee replaced," Greene said, as she navigated her walker toward the handicapped seating area near the stage. "My surgeon said I could come as long as I wore a knee brace. So here I am." she said, lifting her skirt to show off her black-braced knee.

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The two Ottawa, Canada, residents are longtime DMB fans. The Atlantic City show is Greene's third and Craig's fifth. They got into the group thanks to Craig's son Yancy, 37. Yancy Craig has been to about 20 DMB shows.

"He was one of the first members of the Dave Matthews Band Warehouse (fan club)," Barbara Craig said. "He was probably the first Canadian member."

The women arrived Friday and spent all day at Bader Field, enjoying the music and mingling with other, younger, fans.

"I would say we are definitely not the type of people you'd expect to see here," Craig admitted, using a cane to make her way across the field's tarmac and grass. "Some of the people are more willing to help you. Others just ignore you because you are old."

The women purchased VIP passes for all three days.

"That's the one advantage of being older. You can afford to spend a little more," said Craig, who retired as Director General of Aboriginal Affairs at Northern Development Canada. Greene is a senior policy analyst with the organization.

On Friday the women parked about a mile from Bader Field. On Saturday, they discovered a handicapped parking area, so they were relatively fresh when they came through the gates.

"We're rushing as fast as we can rush," Craig said.

"There was a time here last night when I started thinking to myself 'I might be getting too old for a three-day concert, but I'm looking forward to today."

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