Press of Atlantic City: Influential Women

Influential Women

South Jersey’s boardrooms and governing bodies today show few women in positions of power.
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Sara Spencer Washington sparked a boom in black hair salons and beauty products

Remnants of Sara Spencer Washington’s empire are scattered across Atlantic County.

Pauline Petway served as Vineland's first black teacher, principal

Pauline J. Petway showed her courage in many ways.

Elizabeth Alton was the 'founding mother' of Richard Stockton College

When Elizabeth Barstow Alton decided something needed to be done, there was no stopping her.

Mildred Fox fought to bring casino gambling to Atlantic City

One day in 1964, a cadre of Las Vegas casino bosses came to Atlantic City to sit around Mildred Fox’s white-clothed table in the Colony Room at Fox Manor Hotel.

Dr. Margaret Mace delivered many of Five Mile Beach's babies

Dr. Margaret Mace’s connection with the thousands of children she delivered didn’t end the day they were born.

Elizabeth Coleman White helped make the blueberry profitable

Hammonton is known as the Blueberry Capital of the World, but few people know of the woman who made the commercial blueberry farm possible.

Vineland's Mary Treat helped Charles Darwin publish his work

When Charles Darwin needed help finishing his 20th book, the legendary English evolutionist turned to an amateur woman naturalist from Vineland named Mary Treat.

Vineland's Mary Tillotson was once jailed for wearing pants

Spending a night in jail for wearing pants was likely not a moment of shame for Mary Tillotson.

Women have many of the top jobs in health care in South Jersey, but fewer in other fields

Women looking to become power players in southern New Jersey should think about getting into health care.