I'm 76 now, but I can remember our summers at the shore. We lived in South Philadelphia. During the hot summer months we needed to get where it was cool.

No air-conditioning in those days, it was the shore or nothing. We stayed at the Inlet with the rest of the working class. The Steel Pier was a short walk from our rooms.

The pier was the greatest attraction on the Boardwalk. One entrance fee got you in.

The entertainment was all day long. Movies, live shows with famous singers, the diving bell, diving horse and all kinds of exhibits were free to see.

The best time to go was on a rainy day. The beach was out, and for a few bucks our parents could be free of us for the entire day. Packing a lunch was a common practice.

We saw the latest movies and famous Hollywood and New York stars up close.

The pier also had the General Motors Car Exhibit. It was free to all. A great place for young kids to dream about cars.

The pier was the attraction on the Boardwalk. There is nothing like it today anywhere. - Richard Sorokin, Margate