My favorite memories of Steel Pier took place on every Sunday afternoon during the summer of 1958, when I was 13 years old. My sister, Barbara, who was 17, and I would ride the bus from Cape May to the Atlantic City Boardwalk to attend the dance held at Steel Pier, hosted by Grady and Hurst. It was a very memorable time in my life, as dancing was my favorite pastime. Mr. Grady and Mr. Hurst did a fabulous job hosting these dances.

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I especially want to thank my sister Barbara for accompanying me to Steel Pier, as our parents would never have let me go alone - nor would I have gone alone.

This was a very exciting time in my life and Barbara also enjoyed herself - we danced, danced and danced some more! Back then, there weren't many things for children to do, so this was a big deal for us!

The other memorable event was the "High Diving Horse." The horse was real and a live person was on it when it dove from The Pier into the water. In today's time, this would be considered cruelty to animals, but it seemed harmless at the time.. - Karen L. Douglass, Cape May



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