I have many memories of the pier. For about 50 cents, you could pack a lunch and enter The Pier for the first show. My dad had a large market and supplied lemons for Ms. Ratte's interviews of celebrities appearing on The Pier - Ms. Ratte was the hostess who conducted them while serving tea and cookies. You might call her a Barbara Walters type, in the 1930s. I would deliver the lemons, walking from the store on Atlantic Avenue to the entrance to The Pier. The guard would admit me to deliver the fruit to Ms. Ratte's studio, located on the top of the Casino Theater. I then just forgot to leave, and would stay to view all of the movies - there were three theaters. I remember the Abbott and Costello shows, the minstrel show, Eddie Cantor, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby's brother's band. They had a World War I museum with a replica of the Red Baron's tri-plane, and many other artifacts from that war. - Dr. Earl Kanter, Margate