Press of Atlantic City: March '62 Storm - 50 Years Later

March '62 Storm: Lessons Learned?

March '62 Storm - 50 Years Later

Weathering The Storm Full-Length Documentary

Pat Haffert and his family were starting to eat dinner at their oceanfront house in Sea Isle City when the piling supporting their home, pounded for hours by waves washing away the surrounding sand, gave way.
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Storm helped spawn the National Flood Insurance Program, but storm insurance is not always easy to come by

Many residents of beachfront communities ran from their homes on March 6, 1962, when a ferocious northeast storm struck the New Jersey coast.

State sought to line shore with protective dunes following the 1962 storm, but not all shore towns have complied

Sand dunes standing 18 feet high act essentially as a wall between the ocean and houses along many sections of Long Beach Island, a barrier that has existed for only a few years.

Engineers keep sea-level rise in mind when upgrading coastal roads, bridges

If a northeast storm of similar magnitude as the March Storm of 1962 were to hit today, the high-water mark likely would top nine feet, about a half-foot higher than 50 years ago, due to sea level rise.

Notable points of the March storm

When the skies cleared and floodwaters had receded, the damage along the South Jersey barrier islands was so catastrophic that it was on the level of a tsunami.

What floods first when the tides rise

When the tide at the Atlantic City recording station reaches:

Two U.S. Navy ships driven ashore on Long Beach Island

At least two U.S. Navy ships were among the maritime casualties of the March Storm of 1962.

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  Longport's loss has been Ocean City's gain