Top five storms

Based on tide records at Atlantic City

December Storm of 1992, Dec. 11, 1992: The northeaster lasted two days, generating the highest tide on record, of 9 feet, at Atlantic City. Winds gusted to 80 mph, and waves crested between 20 and 25 feet.

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Hurricane of 1944, Sept. 14, 1944: The Hurricane of 1944 came as a nearby blow to the New Jersey coast, with the storm’s eye passing just 40 miles offshore. Residents described the storm as coming in quickly, and within hours, skies cleared. The storm surge generated the second highest tide on record of 8.8 feet.

Hurricane Gloria, Sept. 27, 1985: Hurricane Gloria also made a glancing blow as the storm scooted north, about 100 miles offshore. The storm surge generated the third highest tide on record of 8.6 feet. Winds gusted in Ocean City about 80 mph.

Halloween Storm of 1991, Oct. 31, 1991: This northeast storm generated the fourth highest tide on record in Atlantic City, with the high water mark coming in at 8.5 feet. Damage from this storm left the shoreline vulnerable for the December Storm of 1992, which slammed the coast 13 months later.

March Storm of 1962, March 6-8, 1962: While the tide of the March Storm of 1962 reached 8.4 feet, marking the fifth highest recorded tide at Atlantic City, what made this storm so exceptional was that it lasted for three days and five successive high tides.

Source: The National Weather Service, National Climatic Data Center, The Press of Atlantic City archives


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