Liberal Arts. My favorite student memories of Stockton College include writing articles for the Public Health Club "Networks" publication and taking my wife, May, to the Prom. I missed out on the Prom in my high school days. My favorite classes were Public Health, various Gerontology classes, and Library Research classes.

Since Graduation, I have been involved in volunteer activities. I am Master of Cologne Grange #191 and Master of Atlantic County Pomona Grange #15. I am active with my church and Comfort Ministry. I am an active member of AARP and Egg Harbor Seniors. I attend and enjoy many SCOSA classes. My wife and I have been featured on America Online in regard to one of the classes we attended. I work with May as a 4-H club leader and other 4-H volunteer activities. I have written news articles for local publication and for the NJ State Grange Gleaner.

My Stockton studies have enriched my life and bring back many happy memories.