Business Management. I had the pleasure of attending The Richard Stockton College for 3 and half years. After graduating, I moved to Staten Island, N.Y. and a few months later I was employed by an online marketing company called NextJump, in which I was the Office Manager for the company. One year later, I moved back to my home town of Toms River, N.J. In November of 2008, I became the School Marketing Project Manager of Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association, a non-profit marketing company in Philadelphia, PA. At this time I currently have the position of Senior School Marketing Project Manager at MDA.

I have taken up long-distance running, and will be participating in three 5k runs at the end of this year. In my free time, I am currently pursuing my graduate degree in Marketing. So far, since graduating, I feel I have accomplished many things with my degree. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have graduated from The Richard Stockton College which has lead me to so many great experiences and adventures.