Sociology major now living in: Marlton, NJ. I remember Stockton before it was even built.  My father took our family to the anticipated site for Stockton in the Pine Barrens of Pomona and told us that a new state college would be built there.

I grew up in Linwood and of course, snubbed the idea of going to college in New Jersey.  So I left the state, only to return home and finish my last year at Stockton.  And what a wonderful experience it was.  I had great professors, interesting classes, and met a variety of students.  As a student, I worked part time in the Educational Opportunity Fund Program Office and had the pleasure of working for and with Harvey Kesselman, Joe Marchetti, Tony Bethel, and others.

 I used to see the Admissions staff in the hallways interacting with prospective students and their parents and would think, "What a great job that would be." And how lucky I was to get a job in the Admissions Office several years after graduation.

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I was fortunate enough to work as Assistant Director of Admissions at Stockton for nearly 12 years.  One of my favorite responsibilities was coordinating the Admissions Ambassador tour guide program.  One of the most satisfying experiences was seeing students I had recruited graduate from Stockton.  Ironically, one of my least favorite days on the job was graduation.  While I was thrilled for the students, I was sad to see them go.  Yet I was grateful for being a part of a significant chapter in their lives.

As a Stockton recruiter, I was proud to tell prospective students that I was a graduate of the college.  And I was honored to work with a caring, wonderful Admissions staff, some of whom are still there and good friends.  Kudos to Alison Henry, Mel Gregory, Steve Phillips, and Ros Psolka for their dedicated commitment.

My experience in Admissions provided skills in communications and public relations.  I left higher education to pursue a career in public relations at The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia.  That further led to public relations positions at a public relations agency in Philadelphia and a law firm in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  I was grateful for a career in public relations but decided to move on.  I am now an Executive Assistant for World Currency USA in Marlton, New Jersey.

Stockton also holds a special place in my heart as my father, Charles C. Reynolds, was one of the original trustees.  He was proud of Stockton.  My graduation from there is a tribute to him.

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