Eileen M. Antolino

Class of 1991: Environmental Studies (Soil and Water Resources)

Now living in: Ewing

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I came to Stockton in 1988 at age 37 as a nontraditional student, a single mom on welfare armed with only an Associate Degree in Horticulture and a scholarship into Stockton's Environmental Studies Program. After taking my first Ecology course with Mike "Guru" Geller, I was smitten with learning about the environment and I knew my childhood affinity with nature was becoming a reality. What meant the most to me was the camaraderie and mentorship of professors Claude Epstein, Ray Mueller, Mike Hozik and Matt Landau. Being a "rock hound" as a child, I especially loved the geology club and field trips as well as the Pinelands canoe trips!! Upon graduation, I began a career as a Restoration Ecologist and Wetlands Specialist. My experience at Stockton brought meaning, purpose and hope into my life. Now I get paid to hang out by the river and bring home frogs!!

Recently retired but still consulting and about to complete my MA in Liberal Studies, designing an online course titled "Nature, Ethics & Aesthetics: Relating to the Natural World in the 21st Century."

Albert Schollenberger

Class of Dec. 2004: Liberal Arts

My favorite student memories of Stockton College include writing articles for the Public Health Club "Networks" publication and taking my wife, May, to the Prom. I missed out on the Prom in my high school days. My favorite classes were Public Health, various Gerontology classes, and Library Research classes.

Since Graduation, I have been involved in volunteer activities. I am Master of Cologne Grange #191 and Master of Atlantic County Pomona Grange #15. I am active with my church and Comfort Ministry. I am an active member of AARP and Egg Harbor Seniors. I attend and enjoy many SCOSA classes. My wife and I have been featured on America Online in regard to one of the classes we attended. I work with May as a 4-H club leader and other 4-H volunteer activities. I have written news articles for local publication and for the NJ State Grange Gleaner.

My Stockton studies have enriched my life and bring back many happy memories.

J. Chris Chinnici

Class of 1991: Environmental Science

Now living in: Minotola, Buena Borough

I have a lot of good memories from Stockton. My friends and I would go to the late night study area inside the building and just have a good time socializing. Living in the dorms and running through the adjacent woods were a lot of fun. Having a bar located at the very end of the school building was very nice and convenient.

I now work full time as a Health Inspector in Atlantic County.

Ruth E. Manlandro

Class of 1992: Business

Now living in: Florida

My degree of study was Business with a concentration in Accounting. Currently I am teaching Computer Science at St Johns River State College located in St. Augustine, Florida. I now have a Master's in Educational Technology From Webster University. I am completing a Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction and Instructional Design and Online Learning at Capella University.

Travis Liebtag & Megan (Errickson) Liebtag

Travis: Class of 2006: Political Science

Associate Director of Institutional Research at Hofstra University

Megan: Class of 2007: Communications

Promotions Manager at News 12 - Long Island)

Now living in: West Babylon, N.Y.

Megan and I met at Stockton in November 2003 during her freshman and my sophomore year. She quickly became my best friend and we spent the years at school creating memories, taking long walks around Lake Fred, and falling in love. In October 2010, I married my college sweetheart and today we are happily sharing our lives together.

Meryl Willett

Class of Dec. 2008: Communications

General Reporter/ Anchor at WINY1350AM in Putnam Conn.

In the first Geology of National Parks class, Linda Davis, the professor, took 15 students cross country for a month. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Stockton is a special place. I will forever carry those memories with me.

Cheryl Robinson

Class of 2004

Sports Marketing Coordinator at Stockton and published author

I met one of my best friends at Stockton, my freshmen roommate, Sara. Our friendship alone was worth attending Stockton. I made the best out of my four years. I joined organizations, participated in events and worked in the Athletics Office. Through my relationships, I was able to continue working in an area that inspires me, sports. As I am currently working in Stockton's Athletic Office, I am also working towards my Master's of Science in Sports Management at an Ivy League University. Stockton laid the foundation; I'm continually growing. Since graduation I have published my first novel.

Denise Sarkis-Irish

Class of 2001: Business Administration

Case Manager at Atlantic Human Resources, part-time Masters Level Life Coach Therapist, and an Adjunct Professor for the School of Business at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, teaching within the Management division: "Organizational Behavior." Previously, I have taught "Marketing Principles" and "Introduction to Finance".

My most memorable Stockton experience was a course I had taken titled, "Men and Women through Film" taught by Professors Joseph Rubenstein and Stephen Dunn. The course content was enriching and the lectures were even more engaging. That course taught me what writing at the college level was all about, and I am forever grateful. I continue to share a special connection to Stockton and tell my students that I have sat where they sit and one never knows what doors Stockton will open for them.

Jennifer Amore Rinaldi

Class of 1990:

Social Work.

I will never forget the day my dad dropped me off in front of "A" dorm.

My dad was a man of few words and the 2-hour car ride was absolute torture. My head was filled with all sorts of thoughts; would I like it, would my room-mate be nice would I like my classes, etc. When we arrived my dad went into action mode and swiftly unpacked the car and brought them into my new home. My roommate had already unpacked and was nowhere to be found. After everything was unloaded, my dad was ready to leave. LEAVE? As in leave me there alone? I was terrified of being left behind but after a few words of encouragement, dad left and I was on my own for the first time in my life. Needless to say, that night, after waiting on line for the payphone, yes the pay phone, I got a hold of my parents and demanded that they come pick me up. My mom told me to give it a chance and then call them the next day if I still felt the same way. I never did have to make that phone call. The next day was the best one I ever had. I met people on line at the bookstore who invited me to hang out with them. From there I was all over campus and was introduced to the girl that would become my best friend to this day. Stockton was filled with so many adventures and I loved discovering each and every one of them.

My classes were amazing and my professors were equally as such.

Professor Will Jaynes taught me so much and I follow what he taught us to this day. It was about being confident and being an advocate, if not for others, for ourselves. I hope he realizes how much of an impact he made on his students.

As a parent, I can only hope that one day my children have as great an opportunity at Stockton as I had.

Jana DiCosmo

Class of 2008 (Valedictorian):

Political Science

Widener Law School J.D. Candidate 2012

Hi Stockton College. Happy 40th Birthday! Thank you for giving me a stellar education and wonderful memories. I'm finishing my final year of law school thanks to the great preparation my professors gave me. And in case you were wondering, that old adage is true: the friends you make in college are your friends in life. Forever an Osprey.

Greg Fuller

Class of 2009:

Master's of Business Administration.

Portfolio Manager, Sun National Bank. Offices in Linwood, N.J. and Wall Township, N.J.

Now living in: Brigantine, with wife Bonny and daughter Ella Grace. My favorite memories of Stockton were taking in the scenic landscapes of Lake Fred, networking and challenging myself intellectually.

Peter Murphy

Class of 1976:


After teaching English & creative writing at Atlantic City High School for 29 years, I now teach creative writing at Stockton and direct Murphy Writing Seminars, which offers professional development programs for teachers and workshops for poets & writers around the Northeast and in Wales. This year we are partnering with Stockton to hold the 19th Annual Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway, which will host more than 200 writers, at Seaview, January 13-16, 2012.

Mark F. Stullenburger

Class of 1976:

B.S. Environmental Science

I served 25 years with NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife as NJ State Conservation Officer, Captain, retiring in 2005. Immigrated to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2008 and am still following my dreams in this beautiful land. Currently serving on the Board of Directors and as a volunteer at the North Highland's Museum, Cape North, Nova Scotia. Best experiences/memories at Stockton: Small school with exciting new visions and ideals to help make the world a better place.

Stephen M. Rulli

Class of 1972:


Owner Steve's Stair Rails, LLC. specializing in interior stair and railing installations.

I started college on the GI Bill after serving 2 years in the US Army during the Viet Nam war. I spent my first two years at Burlington County Community College and then transferred to Stockton as a junior the very first year it opened. The college opened up in the old Mayflower Hotel on Tennessee Ave and the Boardwalk. The old hotel sat right on the boardwalk and a newer section referred to as the motel sat behind the hotel between Tennessee Ave and St.James Place. The hotel was used for both classes and student housing while the motel section was strictly housing. I believe classes were only held in the hotel for the first semester. The new campus in Pomona opened in time for the second semester.

Since the college and the whole Stockton community were brand new, the first two weeks were slated for orientation for both students and faculty. For most of the students it was vacation time since all we had to do was monitor the classes we were interested in before signing up for a particular curriculum. During those first two weeks there was much free time to explore the city, enjoy the beach and boardwalk and also to forge new relationships. I consider it to be one of the most interesting times of my life. The whole Stockton experience was at its very beginning.

I had a room to myself in the motel section of the complex. There were three floors to the motel and all the rooms had an outdoor balcony that faced St.James Place. On the street level directly across from the motel and up against the back of the boardwalk was a Tavern called McFeeleys. There was a staircase leading down from the boardwalk which ended at McFeeleys entrance. Many of the students spent time on the balconies on warm nights and you could carry on conversations with almost anyone on any level.

One warm autumn evening while the Shriners were in town for a convention held at the old Traymore Hotel their marching band came parading down the boardwalk and down the staircase onto St James Place stopping in front of McFeeleys tavern. Here they played a few tunes serenading the patrons of McFeeleys and unknowingly all the resident motel students hanging out on the balcony behind them. When they finished we all gave them a loud applause much to their surprise. Someone in the band then commanded a "left face, forward march" and the band proceeded to march back onto the Boardwalk. Someone in the motel commanded, "Let's join them" and about 30 of us ran down to the boardwalk and fell into formation right behind the band. The band was marching and playing in a double file and our group which was just as large as theirs were following suit only we were playing air instruments. Only a couple of the band members in the end of the line had any idea what was happening.

The band marched a couple of blocks down the boardwalk and right into the Traymore Hotel's grand lobby which was filled with other conventioneers. Our air band was right in step and in a most jovial mood. Someone in the front of the band gave a 'halt and right face' command and you would have thought we were an integral part of the parade with all of our new found precision marching skills. There we all silently stood facing the crowd in the lobby and it was an awkward silence. The marching band was slowly noticing the motley crew that came in behind them, the crowd in the lobby couldn't take their eyes off us and we could not be more proud of ourselves. The facial expressions that confronted us varied from complete outrage to utter amusement. Without missing a beat one of our group announced, "right face, forward march" and as if we had been marching all of our lives we proceeded out onto the boardwalk and back over to the Mayflower playing our air instruments to a lively marching tune. John Phillips Sousa himself would have been proud of us.

I tell this story to friends every so often and what amazes me to this day is how perfectly coordinated our group was in such a spontaneous action. We were all new to each other and we instantly came together for a bit of outrageous fun. Incidentally the Traymore Hotel was one of the first to be imploded within months of our parade to make room for the onslaught of the casinos. The Shriners convention along with our air band was one of its last grand affairs. I consider that experience priceless.

Sheila McDermott Boyle, RN, BSN

Class of Dec. 1984:


Retired from Shore Memorial after 30 years (Coordinator of Professional Development and Nurse Recruitment)

His name was Gerry Enscoe and he taught the Arts and Humanities course, Self Discovery. This Wednesday 4-credit course fit neatly between my Nursing Courses on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and fulfilled my A&H requirement. I credit this course and Mr. Enscoe with introducing me to journaling and self discovery. I was the oldest student in this class and through my interaction with the younger generation, I developed a great respect for them and for my children who were the same age.

I still have my journal and often read it. After studying the science courses required for my BSN, this was a refreshing change and it made a difference in how I view my life and all the challenges I had to face. It has served me well during my Nursing career. I thank Gerry for challenging me to communicate my feelings in a positive way and to my classmates who accepted me and taught me so much in our groups. This course, the professor and my fellow classmates made this my best semester at Stockton.

Kathy Knisell

Class of 1984:

Public Health Environmental Track

Currently working at the Atlantic County Health Department - Environmental Unit as a Principal Registered Environmental Health Specialist

The first person that had an impact on my life at Stockton was Basketball Coach Sue Newcomb. I had been playing basketball since the 4th grade and was a freshman in 1979 who didn't think I was good enough to play college basketball. I was in the gym shooting around and Sue came in and started talking to me about playing for Stockton. I went to the next practice and there started what was my college basketball career! I made lifelong friends at Stockton through basketball! Thanks for talking me into playing Sue!

The next person that impacted my life at Stockton and my career was my Preceptor Mrs. Stowe, who at the time was the Head of the Public Health Program. I had no idea what Public Health was. Mrs. Stowe guided me through the necessary classes and internships at the Atlantic City and Atlantic County Health Departments. Thanks Mrs. Stowe!

And finally, there was Basketball Coach Joe Fussner who is still at Stockton. He is a lot calmer than he used to be! I learned alot of the mental part of the game from Joe. Thanks Joe! See you next bball season!

Stockton had a profound impact on my basketball career. If Sue had not talked to me about joining the team, I never would have continued playing until a back injury forced me to stop playing competitive basketball when I was 41. I have also coached youth league and assisted at the high school level. I have lifelong friends because of basketball at Stockton and a very rewarding career.

Sarah Messina

Class of 2008:

Major: Visual Arts Communication

Graphic Designer for The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

The relationship Stockton and I share is not only of a long- standing rooted history; it has served a satisfying educational experience and a solid career starter. Once engrossed in my major's concentration, and the wondrous offerings the College provides, I began to feel very comfortable within my niche. The Arts and Sciences building became my new home for the better part of my college years, and I enjoyed every minute of its artistic outlet. I pursued many diverse learning opportunities, especially from the accomplished art, philosophy and holocaust/ genocide professors; all the while applying myself as a student intern in Stockton's Graphics Productions department and later becoming one of their full-time graphic designers.

Albert Schollenberger

Class of Dec. 2004:

Liberal Arts

My favorite student memories of Stockton College include writing articles for the Public Health Club "Networks" publication and taking my wife, May, to the Prom. I missed out on the Prom in my high school days. My favorite classes were Public Health, various Gerontology classes, and Library Research classes.

Since Graduation, I have been involved in volunteer activities. I am Master of Cologne Grange #191 and Master of Atlantic County Pomona Grange #15. I am active with my church and Comfort Ministry. I am an active member of AARP and Egg Harbor Seniors. I attend and enjoy many SCOSA classes. My wife and I have been featured on America Online in regard to one of the classes we attended. I work with May as a 4-H club leader and other 4-H volunteer activities. I have written news articles for local publication and for the NJ State Grange Gleaner.

My Stockton studies have enriched my life and bring back many happy memories.

Donna Schroeder

Class of 1999:


Went on to the University of Maryland at Baltimore for a masters in Nursing and Health Policy - graduated Spring 2006.

Recent completion of a Post Masters Certificate in Trauma and Critical Care Nursing and will sit for boards as an Acute Care Nurse Practioner.

Current Practice as a Critical Care Nurse at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md.

Daniel T. Harning Jr.

Class of 1992:

Marine Science

Not a day goes by, in almost twenty years, that I don't reflect back somehow on my experiences at Stockton! Whether it is to use the vast knowledge and experience I gathered in my current middle school science classroom or to fondly recount my adventures with my friends as I walk around campus moving my own children in this past week, Stockton is always there.

I didn't even want to go to college originally, it was the Naval Academy or bust. I received the nomination, two in fact, but not the appointment. My passion was always the sea, fishing and scuba diving, if I couldn't go to Annapolis I would go to Florida to be a professional fisherman. As I went into my senior year of high school I realized my future job security in fishing was all but gone. Saving pelagic fish species instead of catching them became my new goal! My parents surprised me one day and convinced me to check out the open house they saw advertised for Stockton on their way down to Atlantic City.

I went and did the tour, first stop was N-Wing where I saw these guys in tuxedos, the first student I ever met was John K. Alvarez and if you know John, you know why I remember his name! N-Wing would later become my second home from working there and provided a wealth of life long friends. To this day the song Nights in White Satin gives me flashbacks. The campus was beautiful and well laid out but, it wasn't until we broke out by majors and got to hear about our choice of study that I was hooked! It was a crowded room and the speaker up front was in a shirt and tie. He gave a brief synopsis of the program but I wasn't really paying attention because I just wasn't feeling it.

Then, just like the scene in Jaws where Quint scratches his nails down the chalkboard, he spoke! If you think this is going to be like Jacques Cousteau and all you are going to do is swim with dolphins go join the business majors across the hall! This giant of a man stood up in his worn Woolrich shirt and old boat shoes and began to tell it like it was! That was Professor Rudolf G. Arndt, we all got to know him as Rudy and I still speak to him today! You don't get that kind of closeness or attention with professors in most other places, but at Stockton, that was the norm! When I went back to high school after the open house, teachers told me not to go, that Stockton was a party school! So glad I didn't listen, it was one of the best choices I've made in my life. Little did I know how much of a turn my life would take!

I knew being a marine biologist I would never make any money but, I would be doing something I loved and would be making a difference! I finished my freshman year and came home for the summer! Two weeks later I met my wife to be at my summer job! Started dating on May 20, and were married the following May 12! Then a month and a half later my first daughter, Megan, was born! Many a Friday night I was setting up the porta crib while others were, ahh were reading poetry and writing haiku! Megan and my wife were at Stockton quite a bit.

Then in the spring of '91, my junior year, I found out that my wife was pregnant with number two! I had already scheduled classes for my fall senior semester but, that was now in question. Ultimately, I had to drop out. As we went into summer I applied to UPS and finally got hired in August as a driver. Before I could even start, August 15th my wife went into labor 4 months early. That night at 11:30pm Chloe was born. They didn't even think she would be born alive but, were they wrong! Her life spanned 3 days over 27 hours and at 2:30am August 17th she became our little angel!

After taking some time to ourselves, we decided I needed to finish school. Last week of August I went back down to Stockton during freshmen registration and explained my situation. I got all my classes back except one, Human Infancy. This was because the professor was very strict on her waiting list policy and accepted no excuses. After hearing my story, in tears, she readmitted me to the class. She still doesn't take any excuses but, does listen to reasons now. The only issue was housing! They told me not to worry, that by the first week of October something would open up.

Needless to say, that never happened and I slept in more different places than George Washington! Mostly, with my friends that had an open bed that night or in the L300 lounge but it was only supposed to be temporary! When it came time to register for spring classes I took all my classes Tuesday-Thursday so I could work back home Friday- Monday and most Wednesdays. That meant leaving Perth Amboy at 6am to get to an 8 a.m. class and getting out of a 6 p.m. class at 8 p.m. to get home by 10 p.m.. When I really had to study or write a paper I would stay down Wednesday. It was then that I became the master of the "all nighter" to get work done, my record is 70 hours set at Stockton writing a paper for Professor William Gilmore!

Then, February '92, I find out my wife was expecting again! Well this time nothing was stopping me and I made it to graduation, still in four years! That beautiful day in May of 92, my daughter Megan was walking around the field with her Fisher-Price doggie that made this crazy noise and my wife was standing there pregnant with my little Rae Rae, and my parents who started it all and my inlaws who all supported us all the way through, it was truly a joyous moment. I can not thank all of them enough for all that they did and sacrificed for me and my family!

Fast forward almost twenty years and one more child, my son Luke, and I find myself still drawn to Stockton by way of my children! Rachel is now a sophomore and Luke is a freshman! I never pushed them into Stockton, they fell in love with it all on their own! I am a Science teacher in Perth Amboy at W.C. McGinnis Middle School and I volunteer at the Jacques Cousteau Estuarine Research Reserve which is associated with the Rutgers Marine Field Station in Tuckerton. I am currently working on a project with my 21st Century Community Learning Center Marine Biology Club students and Mr. Mathew Leahey's organization SeaSavers in conjunction with the Lamont Dougherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University. We are attempting to sample the Raritan Bay estuary via plankton trawling to compare quantities of plastic pieces to plankton. This has been done on the west coast and in the numerous massive garbage patches found in the middle of every ocean gyre, but never here in the busiest waterway in the Northwest Atlantic. Someday soon I will return to school, hopefully Stockton, for my masters degree and ultimately my PhD. The list of names I have left out, only due to time and space in this article, does not mean you have been forgotten, I remember everyone of you and wish to thank all of you for making my life so complete! I hope someday my grandson Niklas gets to attend Stockton, he has already visited!

Kelli (Banning) Prinz

I am now a practicing attorney in Ocean City, NJ after graduate studies in philosophy in NYC and then attending and graduating Rutgers Law School/Camden in 2009.

I would love to take this opportunity to thank my preceptor Peter Hagen and my favorite teacher Rodger Jackson, a wonderful and gifted professor of Philosophy. I have the fondest memories of the entire philosophy department, which I credit as a positive life-changing impact on me academically and personally. As an academic major and supportive, caring environment the philosophy department provided me with the tools to obtain a postgraduate degree and conduct myself with the highest awareness and respect for morality as well as a concern and participation in our political sphere. I especially enjoyed our "Philosophy Goes to the Movies" film nights. I also have great memories of the Office of Student Records and Registration where I briefly worked and made lifelong friends.

Quinn Schmal

Class of 2010:

Art History

Now living in: Los Angeles, Calif.

I'm continuing my education by attending The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown L.A. I'll be graduating from a program there in March.

To reminisce on a single experience I had while attending Stockton, I feel, would be a poor representation of what Stockton means to my life. Stockton for me was years of experiences, opportunities and people that shaped the person I am today, and are too varied and great to list in an article.

I started my education there thinking I would get that impressive piece of paper that our society so pressures people of my generation to get a hold of, but what I really got were intangible pieces of truth that guided me through that difficult path into the world at large.

I acquired knowledge, I gained friendships and I became a part of a community that urged me to be a seeker of a deeper understanding of the world around me, and of myself. These are the tools I needed to go in search of my dreams. These are the tools that allowed me to become the person I wanted to be. Sure, I got a degree there, but that ended up seeming like merely an added bonus.

Matthew Gooley

Class of 2001:


During my 4 years at Stockton, I really enjoyed the friendships and connections that were made while studying theatre and communications in such a great school environment! The professors were all just as friendly and supportive as the hundreds of classmates I had over the years. While still at Stockton I worked at AM 1400 WOND and after graduating, I moved north to work at a Television Station WMBC TV 63. I currently live in Northwest Jersey where I am pursuing a career as an actor in Film and Television in both the New York and Philadelphia markets.

Yusuf Gunawan

Class of 2006:

Communication Studies

Photographer at Yusuf Gunawan Photography in NJ and Adjunct Instructor at Atlantic Cape Community College in NJ

Photography is about capturing those special moments and sharing its experiences with others. I fell in love with photography when I was in high school. Little did I know, it would become my lifelong passion.

I have continued with my education in photography. What I have learned from Stockton College had helped me to be a better person in the community. I continuously sharpen my photography skills by attending various workshops, classes and lectures around the country from the best in the industry as well in sharing my skills with others.

Barbara Connolly-Daley

Class of 1980:

Political Science

Stockton influenced me in many ways and opened my eyes to the world. I especially found that the internship in Washington DC, coordinated by Chick Yeager and Professor Jan Colin shaped my career and life choices. I became an investigator with the Law Department in Atlantic County then went on to complete my career with the State of NJ Department of Labor. A large amount of traveling over 25 years was required and thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to the Stockton College Community, I have enjoyed a successful career and now retirement. Additionally, I must mention the courses in "Pub"-ology and "THE BASH'. A great time in my life.

Crystal Ann Oliveri

Class of Dec. 2007:

Business Management

I had the pleasure of attending The Richard Stockton College for 3 and half years. After graduating, I moved to Staten Island, N.Y. and a few months later I was employed by an online marketing company called NextJump, in which I was the Office Manager for the company. One year later, I moved back to my home town of Toms River, N.J. In November of 2008, I became the School Marketing Project Manager of Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association, a non-profit marketing company in Philadelphia, PA. At this time I currently have the position of Senior School Marketing Project Manager at MDA.

I have taken up long-distance running, and will be participating in three 5k runs at the end of this year. In my free time, I am currently pursuing my graduate degree in Marketing. So far, since graduating, I feel I have accomplished many things with my degree. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have graduated from The Richard Stockton College which has lead me to so many great experiences and adventures.

Terri (McVeigh) Cortesini

Class of 1992:


Sales representative for a Pearson, a publishing company in higher education.

Mindy Shemtov, LCSW

Class of 1988

Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Alcove Center For Grieving Children and Families in Northfield, NJ

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