Social Work. I will never forget the day my dad dropped me off in front of "A" dorm. My dad was a man of few words and the 2-hour car ride was absolute torture. My head was filled with all sorts of thoughts; would I like it, would my room-mate be nice would I like my classes, etc. When we arrived my dad went into action mode and swiftly unpacked the car and brought them into my new home. My roommate had already unpacked and was nowhere to be found. After everything was unloaded, my dad was ready to leave. LEAVE? As in leave me there alone? I was terrified of being left behind but after a few words of encouragement, dad left and I was on my own for the first time in my life. Needless to say, that night, after waiting on line for the payphone, yes the pay phone, I got a hold of my parents and demanded that they come pick me up. My mom told me to give it a chance and then call them the next day if I still felt the same way. I never did have to make that phone call. The next day was the best one I ever had. I met people on line at the bookstore who invited me to hang out with them. From there I was all over campus and was introduced to the girl that would become my best friend to this day. Stockton was filled with so many adventures and I loved discovering each and every one of them.

My classes were amazing and my professors were equally as such.

Professor Will Jaynes taught me so much and I follow what he taught us to this day. It was about being confident and being an advocate, if not for others, for ourselves. I hope he realizes how much of an impact he made on his students.

As a parent, I can only hope that one day my children have as great an opportunity at Stockton as I had.


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