Art History, now living in Los Angeles, Calif. I'm continuing my education by attending The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown L.A. I'll be graduating from a program there in March.

To reminisce on a single experience I had while attending Stockton, I feel, would be a poor representation of what Stockton means to my life. Stockton for me was years of experiences, opportunities and people that shaped the person I am today, and are too varied and great to list in an article.

I started my education there thinking I would get that impressive piece of paper that our society so pressures people of my generation to get a hold of, but what I really got were intangible pieces of truth that guided me through that difficult path into the world at large.

I acquired knowledge, I gained friendships and I became a part of a community that urged me to be a seeker of a deeper understanding of the world around me, and of myself. These are the tools I needed to go in search of my dreams. These are the tools that allowed me to become the person I wanted to be. Sure, I got a degree there, but that ended up seeming like merely an added bonus.