Nursing. Retired from Shore Memorial after 30 years (Coordinator of Professional Development and Nurse Recruitment) His name was Gerry Enscoe and he taught the Arts and Humanities course, Self Discovery. This Wednesday 4-credit course fit neatly between my Nursing Courses on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and fulfilled my A&H requirement. I credit this course and Mr. Enscoe with introducing me to journaling and self discovery. I was the oldest student in this class and through my interaction with the younger generation, I developed a great respect for them and for my children who were the same age.

I still have my journal and often read it. After studying the science courses required for my BSN, this was a refreshing change and it made a difference in how I view my life and all the challenges I had to face. It has served me well during my Nursing career. I thank Gerry for challenging me to communicate my feelings in a positive way and to my classmates who accepted me and taught me so much in our groups. This course, the professor and my fellow classmates made this my best semester at Stockton.