It might have been called Southern New Jersey State College, South Jersey State College, Atlantic State College or even Jersey Shore State College, the other four names that made the top five in an initial vote by the College Board of Trustees. But by October 1969, the Board of Trustees decided on Richard Stockton State College. The trustees had asked for public input, and by August 1969 there were 64 names in the board minutes. Here's the list, in alphabetical order:

A-1 College

All wars Memorial College

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Atlantic Beautiful College

Atlantic City College

Atlantic Highlands College

Atlantic Lighthouse College

Atlantic Seaboard College

Barren Pines College

Beach College of South Jersey

Berry Bottom Bog State

Blueberry State College

Blueberry College

South Jersey Blueberry State

Boardwalk College

Cape Security

Coastal Plain State

College by the Sea

College in the Pines

College of the Sand

Convention City College

Delanta State College (Delaware/Atlantic)

Eastern College

Edge State College

Edison State College

Einstein State College

Excelsior State College

Farley State College

Garden State Source

Garden State Southern College

Great Egg Harbor Bay College

Gull College

Jersey Tomato College

Jonathan Pitney State College

Leeds College

Lenape State College

Lower Jersey Liberal Arts College

McKee State College

Neptune Shore College

New Air College

New Jersey Bayside State College

New Jersey Colonial College

New Jersey East College

New Jersey Southern College

New Jersey State Bell College

Ocean Sands State College

Ocean State College

Pinky's Corner College

Resort College

Richard Stockton State College

Sand Piper State College

Sandy Harbor State College

Sea Breeze College

Seashell College

Sea Spray State College

South Atlantic Delaware College

Southeast College of New Jersey

South Jersey College

South Jersey College-by-the-Sea

Southern Pines of Knowledge

Star of the Sea College

Triangle College

Tri-County College

University of South Jersey

Virgil I. Grissom State College

White Cape State College

Woodrow Wilson State College

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