The CMS uses the following logic to sort stories on the web:


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1. Stories are first ordered (or grouped) by date. What does this mean? Well, all stories with today's date will always show above any story or any group of stories with yesterday's date, and so on.

2. Next, the CMS groups stories within the same date by priority number.

Lets for a moment only consider stories with today's date. How then does priority work when all stories have today's date?

i. Well, any story with a 1 will always show above all other stories. Stories with a 2 priority will show after the group of stories with a 1 priority and so on.... Keep in mind that this is happening repeatedly for each group of stories with the same publish date because date is always evaluated first.

ii. Ok, so what happens when several stories all have the same date AND all have the same priority? When several stories all have the same date and priority, the CMS then looks at the publish time and places those stories with the most recent time on top of stories with more distant times.

Unless you train yourself to begin thinking in terms of the logic used by the CMS for sorting stories on the web, you will continue to experience difficulty and frustration.

i. For instance: If you give a new story a priority of 2 with the expectation that it will show in the number two spot on the web, and then after saving it this story appears at the very top, you need to recall how the CMS sorts stories. If this happens, this means that there are no other stories in this section having a priority of 1, OR, this is the only story in the section with today's date. In this case, you would double check the priority and date on the story you were expecting to appear on top. Ensure that this story has a priority of 1 and that it has todays date - it will then show where expected. In most cases, it is not the story you just created that needs to be tweaked, it is one (or sometimes more than one) of the existing stories on the carousel that needs an adjustment.


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