How to update – updated: Jan. 2010


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NOTE: All updates must be made in the separate goac CMS.

To switch, click on Active Site at upper right of CMS assets page and select


Content Sources: Much weekly content comes from At The Shore. This content is available and edited by late Tuesday afternoon.

Also post Press stories with any appeal to visitors, i.e. casino developments, jackpot wins, travel stories, new casino games, new gambler restrictions, AC concert reviews

NOTE: ATS photos can be found in Doris, or will come in ATS Thursday content feed, or ask At The Shore Editor


Moving content to goac can be done several ways:

-         Cut/paste directly into CMS

-         Send to goac button in Doris (see Skeels to get this)

-         Stories in poac CMS can me moved to goac CMS by selecting site: goac with the asset, then running processor 985 in goac

-         Finally, on Thurs. a.m., all At The Shore Copy is fed to goac into the gobucket folder, for use as needed. All stories go to the folder: Gobucket



Breaking News Fader / top of home page

Article assets

Flag: Breaking

Max. assets: 4 – each fading from one to next

Content: Can be almost anything that fits the label on the left. Can be with or without photo.

The label on the left is controlled in the block title/header. It can be anything, but past examples include: Hot Tickets, Hot New Year’s Tickets, Breaking News, or Latest photos

The portion in red is controlled by the article headline


NOTE: This block collapses and disappears if nothing has flag: breaking


Mega Carousel / top of home page

Article assets

Flag: Featured

Section: Whatever appropriate i.e. Go See, Go Party, etc. (Section name is embossed on photo; otherwise “Feature” is embossed on photo)

Content: Almost anything with a photo.

NOTE: If story is about an upcoming casino performer, add keyword tag: #coming so story will also appear on home page in Casino Coming Attractions carousel

Photo warning: Make sure photo is cropped so that embossed word does not cover face of main subject


Menu Finder

Article assets

Section tag: go_eat/search_menus



Article assets

Section tags (Depending on which blog): Blogs/casino, Blogs/clubs or Blogs/entertainment_and_dining

NOTE: Club blogger & ent./dining blogger post their own material.

Outside casino blogger sends emails which must be posted by editor.


Poker Events

Link asset: to Zvents poker listing page


Bet on It

Article assets

Section tag: Goplay

Content: Stories about gambling, with or without photo

NOTE: Stories can be culled from Press, casino news releases, casino websites or CCC website


Atlantic City casinos (interactive flash map)

Flash asset

Keyword tag: flash-map


Latest Visitor News

Article assets

Keyword tag: #news

Content: Newsy stories of interest to visitors, with or without photo

NOTE: Consider adding Flag: Breaking to these items to give them some time in fader at top of home page


Casino Coming Attractions carousel

Article assets

Keyword tag: #coming

Content: Stories or listings about upcoming casino performers. Must have photo


Multimedia player

Html assets

Keyword tag: #multimedia

Content: Videos of interest to AC visitors

NOTE: These require a “preview” image with html asset. Image must be 200 wide. Also, a date and venue must be added for the performer. This is done in custom properties.

Add name: source

Value: (date & property info)


Photo Galleries

Link assets

Keyword tag: galleries

Content: Images of interest to AC visitors

NOTE: Related image must be uploaded from back-end of goac MyCapture

user: goac

pass: mycapture goac

Click on gallery

Then click on “Public view of this album” – for the exact link


Weekly Newsletter / emailed 4 p.m. every Thursday

This is created through Blocks

Open the folder goac-newsletter.

Top section of newsletter pulls any article asset with keyword: #coming (from the Casino Coming Attractions slider)


Bottom section pulls any link asset with keyword tag: #newsletter

NOTE: Photos need to be added to the link assets as Preview images.



Assorted notes:

Images: If an image does not show on live site, it’s likely because the block is looking for a specific image size, usually 100, 300 or 300 wide. If this happens, just add whatever image size is missing from the asset













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