Please review the following procedure when using the Generic or Breaking news alerts on the homepage:


  • First, please note that these two widgets work exactly the same way, the only difference is the color scheme displayed in the widget. (Generic = gray, Breaking=red).
  • These widgets display only a single headline, this being the most recent in the section.
  • Both widgets can be displayed at the same time on the homepage if need be, but only one headline from each section will show within each widget.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the length of the headline, it may be necessary to truncate part of the headline so it displays properly in the widget.  When necessary, open up the block settings (in the Blox manager) and click on the 'Custom Properties' tab.  Adjust the number next to 'custom_truncate'.  A higher number will increase the display length of the headline, and a lower will decrease the display length.  Truncated headlines automatically get a '...' appended to the end of the truncated headline.

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1. Create an article asset and tag it with one of the following sections: for generic alerts, tag with 'alerts-generic'.  for breaking alerts, tag with 'alerts-breaking'

2. Next, enter a headline in the Headline field.  If this widget is being used for 'information only', leave the rest of the fields blank and just save and close the asset.  (info-only means that the headline will not be clickable)

3. If you want the headline to click through to a specific URL, place this URL in the 'Prologue' field, then save and close.

4. If you want this headline to click through to this asset's story page, simply place copy in the body field just like you normally do for regular article assets.  Ensure that the 'Prologue' field is left empty.

5. Place the Heading text (text on left side of widget) in the Article asset's "Kicker" field.  This can be found on the asset's Other tab.

6. Save and close the asset.


There is logic within the template to determine the action of the headline based on what is (or what is not) entered in the other fields of the article asset, namely the Prologue field and the Body Copy field.


TO REMOVE either of these widgets, simply clear out article assets in either the 'alerts-generic' section, or the 'alerts-breaking' section depending on which alert you want to get rid of on the homepage. 

The most efficient way to remove an asset from a section is to open the asset and remove the section tag reference rather than just deleting the entire asset from the system. 

Once the section tag is removed, just save and close the asset.


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