Cropping Photos in the CMS requires a two-part process. The complete process is detailed below.

Part A. Crop The Original Photo (this is the photo on left)

1. Open image asset

2. Remove all preview images (Use Ctrl click to highlight more than one preview image then click "Selected" and "Remove")

3. Now click View/Edit under main (original) image

4. Click "Create crop region"

5.When satisfied, click "Apply Changes"

6. Now Save & Close entire image asset

Part B. Re-create Preview Images (these are the series of photos on the right) at pre-determined sizes (300 wide and 100 wide)

1. Pause for a moment or two to allow the CMS to update, then re-open the image asset and create 2 new preview images based on the newly cropped original

2. Click on "New" under Previews and select "From full-size image"

3.When image editor opens, change Modified Size to width of 300, then click "Apply Changes"

4. Return to "New" under Previews

5. Again select "From full-size image"

6. When image editor opens, change Modified Size to width of 100, then click "Apply Changes"

7. Save and Close image / and Save and Close article if working with related asset