It is important for all editors to keep the following procedure in mind when attempting to set the order of stories on the front page carousel slides and section pages. Please refer to these points as often as necessary. Please adhere to this procedure until advised otherwise by the Online Team.


  1. All stories sent from Doris to the web automatically receive a 10 as their display priority.
  2. Any story created directly within the CMS (those stories that are not sent from Doris) will also need a 10 entered manually in the priority field prior to saving the article asset.
  3. Only the story that you want to appear as the "featured" story should receive a priority of 1 manually by the editor.
  4. DO NOT use priority to order out any stories other than the "featured" story. In other words, only the featured story should have its priority number changed from a 10 to a 1, all other stories should always have a 10 priority.
  5. Remember that the CMS will always display stories with the most recent time on top. Use the "time staggering" method to place stories other than the "featured" story in the order you want.
  6. If a carousel story is published to multiple sections, the priority defined on that story will apply to all sections where that story is published. In other words, if a story is published to the breaking news carousel AND the Atlantic County section, you can not give this story a priority for the carousel and a different priority for the Atlantic County section page. If you change the priority of this story in the Atlantic County section, this priority change will be implemented in every section where this story is published, including the carousel slide. This also applies to the Date and Time on stories published to multiple sections.

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The steps above will work successfully if all the stories you are trying to place have the same publish date. In other words, the procedure above may not work in every scenario if you are trying to place a story from yesterday above a story from today. In some cases it will be necessary to adjust the publish date of a story to get it to go where you want, but only when these stories have different publish dates.


You do not need to complete this procedure for every story in the system, only for those stories where you want them to appear in a predetermined order.




One Typical Scenario:


So you followed the above procedure in the morning, it worked, and now it is 1pm in the afternoon. You have a new story ready to put on the website:


First, decide if this story will become the NEW featured story on the carousel.


A. If so, give this "new" story a priority of 1. Since this "new" story will now have the same Publish Date and same Priority as the "previous" featured story from this morning, it will now trump the "previous" featured story.

Why does this happen? This happens because the CMS sorts stories on the web first by Publish Date, then by Priority, then by Publish Time. In this scenario, both "featured stories" have the same Published Date and the same Priority; however the Published Times are different. The story with the most recent time will always appear on top of a story with a later time when the publish date and priority on both stories are the same. In this example, the story with the most recent Publish Time is the "new" story (since it was created at 1pm).


B. If this "new" story is NOT to replace the existing featured story, then give this "new" story a priority of 10.

So now this "new" story has a priority of 10, which is the same priority as all carousel stories that are not the featured story. Once saved, this "new" story will show on top of the other stories with a 10. Why? Because it has the same Publish Date and Priority as all the other stories, but has the most recent Publish Time. If this is not what you want, use the "time staggering" method to adjust the time to properly position this "new" story where you want it.



Use the following link to check the order of stories on the front page after making any changes to Publish Date, Priority or Publish Time:


This link provides a "live" and "uncached" version of the homepage and will capture any of your changes immediately. If making several changes to stories on the carousel, you must hit the refresh button in your browser each time you want to check if you latest changes have placed the stories in the order you want.

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