The following set of instructions can be used anytime an editor/photographer wants to embed video code obtained from a site like MyCapture or YouTube into the body of an article.


1. Open the article asset

2. Click the "Related" tab.

3. Under "Child Assets", click the Add button and select HTML from the list. This will open up a new HTML asset window.

4. Copy the embed code from the site where the video is located and paste this into the "HTML" field.

5. Give the HTML asset a Title which is required to save the asset.

6. Finally, save and close your newly created HTML asset, then save and close the original ARTICLE asset.


Your video should show at the top of the story body text within a few minutes after saving the assets.


*When all else fails and you can not get the video to embed correctly within the story, remove the HTML asset and then create a LINK asset pointing to the video on MyCapture or YouTube, etc.