NOTE: The embed codes for AP videos are sent in individual emails from AP. You can sign up for these at:

Suggestion: Set your email (under Tools/ Rules & Alerts) to automatically move these emails to a separate folder so they don't clog your InBox.


1. Grab the embed code from the AP email for the video you want.

2. Find the story in the CMS (it can be an AP story or any other story).

3. Open a related html asset; paste in the embed code.


4. Swap in NJATL in place of "YOURIDHERE" (That is the only modification required when cutting and pasting the code onto our site).


5. If you wish, autoplay can be disabled by changing playerAuto = "true"; to playerAuto = "false"; or deleting that line of code entirely.


The individual AP video will appear at the top of the story.