Uploading a Press Video to YouTube:

1. Go online to YouTube.com

2. Login as user: PressofAtlanticCity / password: press24web

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3. Click on the yellow Upload Video button

4. Upload the video by browsing to your desktop or wherever video is saved (video can be in nearly any video format, but no .zip files).

5. While video is uploading, give video a Title and short Description that mentions it with an article in The Press of Atlantic City (DO NOT type in any URLs; these won't be accepted)

6. Add Keyword tags that relate to the video content, ALWAYS include the term www.pressofAtlanticCity.com (this is necessary for mobile search purposes).

7. Select Category from the dropdown. Pick an appropriate category; usually News & Politics

8. Leave Privacy option selected as the default (share with world)

9. Save changes! Processing will begin; but you can continue

on to check your video, click on "Go to My Videos"

10. Click on the blue title of the video.

11. Choose the light silver frame and select a size closest to: 500w x 405h (this should be the default). Don't select any sizes that exceeds a width of 560 pixels.



To place a new video on one of our Section Page Playlists (Local, Sports, Entertainment, etc.):

1. From the YouTube "My Videos" screen, use the check box next to each video to select the newly uploaded video. Then hover over the light blue +Add To button and click Playlist.

2. Select at least one or more available playlist options specific to the video uploaded. Then click the Add To Playlist button to confirm.



To set the order of videos on a Playlist:

1. In the upper right side of the YouTube site, hover over the blue pressofAtlanticCity link and select Playlists from the drop down menu.

2. Use the links on the left side, beneath the word Playlists, to select a specific playlist.

3. Scroll to the bottom where you will see a list of all current videos on this playlist. Click on the number to the left of a video and replace it with another to change the order. Order is saved after each change automatically.



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