Guide to using VMIX


1. What is VMIX?

VMIX is an online video platform that allows us to integrate video onto our website. VMIX is partnered with our CMS provider, Town News, to allow for easy publishing of video through the CMS.


2. How do I log in to VMIX?

Log in at"> If you do not have a log in and password, request them from Steve Warren or Charlie Wray.


3. How do I upload video?

Once you’ve logged in, click Upload on the left-hand toolbar under Media. Click “Browse” and select the file you wish to upload from your desktop or C drive. Give the video a title and description. If you wish the video to be visible on the homepage video block or other video players available on our website, designate a collection by clicking the dropdown button next to the Manual Collections bar. Videos designated>Local News will appear on the default homepage video block; videos designated>Sports will appear on the default Sports page block; etc. Check the box next to “Bypass Approval,” unless another editor needs to review the video before it becomes visible on the Web. Click “Upload Media.”


4. How do I attach a VMIX video to a story?

In the story asset, click the Related tab, then the Add dropdown. Scroll over the More option and select VMIX. Click “Search VMIX Videos” and find the video you want. Select that video, then save and close the VMIX asset. Save the story asset. Your video should now be attached.


5. How do I edit the title, description or settings of a video?

On the VMIX site, select “Assets” under “Media.” Find the video you want and click “View Details.” From there, you can change the title and description and add the video to more collections.


6. The default thumbnail for the video is unflattering/inappropriate. How do I change it?

Once you have clicked “View Details,” (see above), click the Thumbnails tab. You can select a new image taken from the video or upload your own photo to serve as the thumbnail.


7. I want to use a video that hasn’t been approved yet.

On the VMIX site, under Media, click Approval to find a queue of videos awaiting editor approval. Make sure to view the video by clicking its thumbnail before approving to ensure appropriate content.


8. How do I link to a video instead of embedding it in a story asset?

Find the video in the Latest Videos block on the homepage (If the video is not there, click any video then use the search toolbar beneath the video on the page to which you are taken.) At the top right corner near the video, scroll over the button next to the upward arrow. It should say “Share This Video.” Click it, then click the green chain button that says “Grab this link.” Copy and paste the url that appears. This can be used as the url for a link in your story asset.


9. The video I want to link to isn’t in the video block or video player.

This video likely hasn’t been designated a collection. Find the video on the VMIX site and designate a collection for it. Then follow the steps above. If you don’t want the video to appear in the video block on the site but still want to generate a link to it, find the video on the VMIX site. Then follow the steps provided in Answer #8 for any random video on the site. Once you have a url for the random video you’ve picked, use the link tool in your story asset. Paste your url into the pop-up window but don’t save it yet. Notice that at the end of the url, it should say id= and then a string of numbers. Go back to the VMIX site and the video you want to link to. Click “View Details.” To the right of the thumbnail, there should be an ID number. Copy this ID number then paste it over the string of numbers after id= in the url for your link. Save it. You now have a link to the video you want.


Tom Dunford