Short-term: within the next two years


Eliminate ‘dead zones’ between major hubs and landmarks by adding art installations and eight to a dozen ‘innovation pavilions,’ sponsored by international brands and extending from the Boardwalk over the sand.

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Expand Ambassador program beyond Boardwalk by adding greeters elsewhere; expected to be triple the size for summer 2012.

Business corridors

Improve walkability and increase pedestrian traffic on Pacific Avenue with patio-style dining and street-accessible bars, boutiques and other venues. Establish small-scale retail in ground floors of casino parking garages on the beach blocks of Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi avenues.

Focus on improving storefronts and the mix of vendors and uses along Atlantic Avenue to help establish distinct districts within the city that seamlessly transition from one to the other yet maintain their own identity. Entails daily parades and other events, reducing detractors such as overnight security doors.

Mid-term: between two and five years from now

Arts District in Ducktown centered on Dante Hall Theater for the Arts.

AC LIVE! previously discussed as the entertainment-focused fourth phase of The Walk.

Revitalize Kentucky Avenue with focus on music and history to pay homage to nightlife and entertainment that once made the street a tourist destination in and of itself.

Expand Gardner’s Basin to include an oceanic research facility, fishing fleet operations and other offerings that fit with area’s existing marine and education themes.

South Inlet redevelopment: Lighthouse Park expansion, linear waterfront park.

Sculpture parks, skate parks, small festivals, sports fields in areas between Indiana and North Carolina avenues.

Long-term: five years or longer

Keep Bader Field as an event venue, with long-term plans for commercial, residential or mixed-use development.

Marina District should establish a network of waterfront walking and biking paths connecting new and existing gaming and nongaming resort properties.

Source: David Sheldon, vice-president at The Jerde Partnership, consultants on the Atlantic City Tourism District Master Plan

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