Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7234.

Atlantic County


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180 E Wyoming Ave, Distefano Kareen M to Mckeever John P; 04/18/17. $136,000

720 S New Rd Unit 1L, Empiria Homes Inc to Patel Alpaben; 04/20/17. $33,500

816 Marlborough Ave, Hudson City Sav Bk to Schenker Alexis; 04/21/17. $75,000


306 N Indiana Ave, Patel Bhanumatiben A/Atty to Malik Muhammed R; 04/18/17. $120,000

4501 Atlantic Ave, Joseph J Craddock Inc to Ags Property Mgmt LLC; 04/19/17. $215,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 1703B-1, Buchalski Debra Damawuzan Bills Suzette; 04/20/17. $103,000

526 Pacific Ave, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Artale Sabrina A; 04/20/17. $135,000

6 Windjammer Court, Wilmington Trust Co to Xie Carol; 04/21/17. $65,000


109 44th St S, St Clair Marie to Magnolia Investments LLC; 04/20/17. $298,000

34 Coquille Beach Drive, Scheer Sally L to Rudy Jonathan A; 04/20/17. $242,500

107 E Brigantine Ave Unit 104, Murphy Timothy to Pogue Brenda/Atty; 04/21/17. $199,000


102 Sandlewood Road, Fernmoor Homes At Crystal Lakes LLC to Jost Daniel P; 04/18/17. $234,900

125 Margate Blvd, Floating Homes Marina LLC to Bayview Marina LLC; 04/18/17. $950,000

206 Ivy Road, Dr Horton Inc NJ to Magown Scott J; 04/18/17. $238,915

2 Northwood Ave, Martinez Miguel D to Luna Ysabel; 04/19/17. $15,000

333 Heather Croft, US Bank to Fox Jack; 04/19/17. $50,200

70a Oxford Village Unit D6, US Bank to Sarangpur LLC; 04/19/17. $33,739

108 Steelmanville Road, Applegate John M to Dambrosio Camillo; 04/20/17. $345,000

114 Trotter Road, Ward Deborah A to Ammann Albena Y; 04/20/17. $168,000

12 Country Club Lane, Matawin Ventures Reo 2016 2 LLC to Huang Miao Ling; 04/20/17. $48,600

152 Briarcliff Drive, Barrera Arturo to Summerville Samuel; 04/20/17. $270,000

207 Salem St, Mcconnell Olesea to Calle Lizette J; 04/20/17. $225,000

30 Macintosh Court, Hultin Vanessa to Papp Catherine; 04/20/17. $112,270

248 Ivy Road, Dr Horton Inc NJ to Jen Allen M; 04/21/17. $239,400

301 Quigley Ave, Cv XXVII LLC to Pimienta Perez Ana; 04/21/17. $125,000

6612 Delilah Road, J And D Bldg Dev LLC to JSM Properties LLC; 04/21/17. $265,000


259 261 Route 50, Kennedy Fern to Tommi Shawn L; 04/21/17. $127,000


4773 Andorea Drive, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Henry Tara E; 04/18/17. $94,500

6310 Roosevelt Ave, Lambert Donald F Jr to Stephens Angela M; 04/19/17. $133,000


524 Pratt St, Isaacson Mark H to Huntington Associates LLC; 04/21/17. $40,000


10 A Cedar Hollow, Tjoumakaris Evanthea to Irvolino Lisa A; 04/18/17. $126,900

300 W Patcong Ave, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Demarino Michelle Y; 04/19/17. $138,000

550 Central Ave I-14, Deak Marianne/Atty to Acito Michele; 04/19/17. $90,000

104 Country Club Drive, Ragno Josephine M/Atty to Mcallister Casey; 04/21/17. $224,000


119 N Adams Ave Unit B, Kanski Betty M to Hollander Scott; 04/19/17. $220,000

17 S Frontenac Ave, Decurtis Carl to Dalicandro Liberato Maria; 04/19/17. $535,000

301 N Vendome Ave, Mullins Kathleen M/Exrx to 301 N Vendome LLC; 04/19/17. $250,000

123 N Hanover Ave, Mancinelli Lola to Mancinelli Robert; 04/20/17. $34,880.84

9401 Pacific Ave Unit 10, Peraino Joseph A to Lafrance Stephen A; 04/20/17. $129,000

9600 Atlantic Ave Unit 1014, Weiss Harold/Exr to Mcnamee Christine; 04/20/17. $280,000

200 N Essex Ave, Anello Rodney A to Burns Marc; 04/21/17. $371,000

9510 Amherst Ave Unit 150, Holvick Anthony to Chaby Dana M; 04/21/17. $169,000

9600 Atlantic Ave Unit 1416, Lynn Ratner Tr to Nigro William M; 04/21/17. $450,000


706 Spruce Ave, Shore Management Co of Delaware Valley Inc to Fernandez Henry, Noel Miliano; 04/19/17. $129,500

1033 Newmark Ave, US Bank to Sjr Capital Portfolio LLC; 04/20/17. $45,100

1306 Mcclellan Ave, Demps Yusuf to Merced Annette C; 04/20/17. $140,000

733 Linden Ave, Blue Sky Prop LLC to Muhammad Abdur Rahim; 04/21/17. $134,000


28 W Wilmont Ave, Karver Christopher to Brozoski Amanda S; 04/20/17. $195,000


601 N Somerset Ave, Parsons Carol A to Kennedy Anthony; 04/19/17. $245,000

213 N Wyoming Ave, Vespertino Dante/Exr to Anselmi June R; 04/20/17. $215,000

108 S Phila Ave, Buchalski Debra to Shor Beth/Tr; 04/21/17. $1,400,000

5 N New Haven C3a, Woshczyn Len to Johnson Heather; 04/21/17. $213,000

715 No Derby Ave, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Frajdenberg Darlene G; 04/21/17. $228,500


457 Ebony Tree Ave, Wilmington Trust to Pira Salih; 04/19/17. $119,175

Cape May County


2711 Placid Drive, Barrella Nicholas J, Barrella De Chantal to Dec Gary A, Dec Elizabeth A; 4/18/2017; $205,000

3 Beachhead Drive, Sagun Rodrigo F, Sagun Zenaida S to Eisenmann Christopher; 4/18/2017. $167,000

126 Mckinley Ave, McKinley 126 LLC, Herriman Donald L Jr to Benedetto Robert M D; 4/19/2017. $205,000

9901 Seapointe Blvd Unit 600, Vitale Carl, Vitale Debbie, Doskow Jeffrey, Gold Jeffrey, Kalemba Christine; 4/19/2017. $265,000


1132 Golf Club Road, Burke Kathryn U/Est, Sellers Kathryn Burke/Exr, Burke Raymond M Jr/Est to Burkeroot LLC; 4/19/2017. $180,000

604 Route 9, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp by Atty, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard to Barber Chelsey; 4/19/2017. $104,000


1309 Ocean Ave Unit 127, Latko John J, Latko Margaret A, Fallows Ralph J, Fallows Maryann, Duffy Marie E, Myers George H; 4/18/2017. $146,000

213 W 10th Ave, Mary E and Michael T Gaffney Revocable Trust to Brown Christopher, Brown J’aime; 4/18/2017, $430,000

421 E 18th St, Warech Steven, Warech Lisa to Demaio Jennifer D; 4/18/2017. $460,000


137 Central Ave, Belzer Michael D, Belzer Susan L to Doe Alan, Doe Allison; 4/18/2017. $217,500

1401 Ocean Ave Unit 211, VS Yeung Enterprise LLC to Durphy Gregory C, Durphy Dannett M; 4/18/2017. $302,500

2221 West Ave, Robinson Nancy Day to Haber Donald K Jr, Haber Denise L, Haber Betty Jo; 4/18/2017. $354,000

3218 Central Ave Unit B, Baraldi Michael, Baraldi Gina to Guempel Walter, Guempel Jeanne; 4/18/2017. $473,000

427 Central Ave, Webster Charles A, Webster Iris L to Shane Joan; 4/18/2017. $395,000

54 Walnut Road, MDL Trust, Latoff Mary D, Zumbano George C/Trus to Botte Michael, Botte Eileen; 4/18/2017. $1,450,000

928 Wesley Ave, Toner Stephen J, Toner Linda F to Ent Stephen, Ent Eileen M; 4/18/2017. $175,000

2040 Central Ave, Weaver A Dale, Weaver Wendy S to Broker James F; 4/19/2017. $685,000

2908 Central Ave, Haddad Ghada to Schell Bruce E, Schell Margaret P; 4/19/2017. $562,000

724 Waterview Blvd Unit A, U.S. Bank Trust, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc, Thornburg Mortgage Securieites Trust to Keys Associates LLC; 4/19/2017. $792,000


106 W Jersey Ave, Gradia LLC to Sic Adventures LLC; 4/18/2017. $340,000

340 38th St West Unit, Redfern Ocean LLC to Todd Kevin, Todd Judith; 4/18/2017. $825,000


319 N Quail Drive, Myers John M, Myers Lori L to McAllister Richard E, Rodriguez Adriana Alexis; 4/18/2017. $380,000


127 W Taylor Ave, Carina Catherine T, Carina Anthony F/Est to Camp Joseph D, Camp Deborah L; 4/18/2017. $165,000

2601 Atlantic Unit 114, Haines Victoria/Exr, Smith Vera/Est to Faccenda Deborah; 4/18/2017. $113,000

425 W Montgomery Ave, Hassell Harold L, Hassell Geneva Pettis to Jones Robyn R, Moody Adrian J; 4/18/2017. $235,000


109 E Wisteria Road, Womer Brian, Womer Karen M to Troy Thomas F, Troy Paula R; 4/18/2017. $355,000


601 Franklin St, Adams Woodbine LLC Carrasso Morris; 4/18/2017. $15,000

Cumberland County


84 Belmont Ave, Peterson Ad Enterprises Inc to Thomas Gloria J; 4/18/2017. $115,000

520 E Commerce St, Hoffman Diana, Hoffman Wayne Hall to 2001 Neptune Ave Realty LLC; 4/19/2017. $225,000

886 N Pearl St, Adams Printing & Graphics, Cooperative Business Assistance Corp, Cumberland County Sheriff, Swain Mary Amedia to Commercial Loan Investment IX LLC; 4/20/2017. $38,197.67

137 Hampton St, U.S. HUD to Patch LLC; 4/21/2017. $16,500


221 Iris Road, U.S. HUD Howell George Agent to Kilby Sheppard R; 4/18/2017 $12,300.00

5301 Doris Drive, U.S. HUD Torres Jose J Agent to Diguiseppi Thomas; 4/18/2017. $29,500

441 Ridge Road, Nocon Jean K, Nocon Kevin H to Clobes Brandi; 4/19/2017. $81,000


1031 Maxon Ave, Dagostino Agnes M, Dagostino Samuel to Regalbuto Builders LLC; 4/18/2017, $25,000

608 Kenyon Ave, Closser Brenda J to Regalbuto Builders LLC; 4/18/2017. $20,000


310 Ramah Road, BLB Resources Inc Del; Del HUD to Jackie Melissa; 4/19/2017. $23,000


7 Stanger Road, Guzman Jose Luis Mendoza to Wood Zachary; 4/18/2017. $155,000


20 Brown Road, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Silvers Donna M, Silvers Steven; 4/18/2017. $37,500

437 Newport Road, Labonne Brian, Labonne Valerie to Mcniss Michae, Mcniss Shannon; 4/20/2017. $219,000

568 Ramah Road, Blb Resources Del; Housing & Urban Development Sec Of By Del; Green William; 4/20/2017. $50,800


1314 Goldfinch Lane, Brunner Serge Atty, Sanders Dean R By Atty, Sanders Karolyn E Est, Haight Thomas; 4/18/2017. $167,000

225 W Main St, Cooper Christine E Agent, U.S. HUD to Pantelidis Jerry; 4/18/2017. $30,000

300 N 11th St, Wolfe Michael Jr to Aponte-Amaya Jennifer; 4/18/2017. $130,000

701 Menantico Ave, Miletta Frank A Jr, Miletta Lisa M to Williams Timothy W Jr; 4/18/2017. $188,500

87 Oakdale Drive, Song Young Gi to Hasher George R Sr; 4/18/2017. $165,000

19 W McNeal St, Wells Fargo to Cifuentes Juan Elias; 4/19/2017. $10,650

502 E Main St, Blb Resources, U.S. HUD to Freedom Properties & Holding LLC; 4/19/2017. $21,160

516 Brian Ave, Maroon Plains Trust By Trust, Rushmore Loan Mangement Services LLC, US Bank Trust, Jersey Top Quality Construction LLC; 4/19/2017. $41,000

1909 Newcombtown Road, Poloff Katherine M to Dougherty Francis Edward; 4/20/2017. $120,000

311 Columbine Ave, Yunk Karen S, Yunk Lawrence M/Est to Martin Heather; 4/20/2017. $55,000

709 Dock St, Mtglq Investors, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC Atty to Jimenez Maria; 4/21/2017. $10,000


6 Horton Ave, Dagostino Agnes, Dagostino Samuel to Regalbuto Builders LLC; 4/18/2017. $15,000


1316 Nelson Ave, Green River Capital LLC Atty, Sw Reo Trust, US Bank, Encarnacion Joanne; 4/18/2017. $156,000

2316 Delmar Ave, Chen Jian Chuan, Lin Huayong to August Allison L, August Steven M; 4/18/2017. $285,000

4228 Marlyn Ave, Creekview Development Company LLC to Serrano Nilda, Serrano Saulo; 4/18/2017. $157,000

423 N Orchard Road, Briggs Jason, Ksj Investments LLC to Smith Vernon E Jr; 4/18/2017. $150,000

S East Ave, Kruvant Naomi Est By Exec, Kruvant Philip Est, Lewis Michael Exec, Forsons Partners LLC; 4/18/2017. $65,000

1065 Almond St, Velazquez Maria A to White Cheryl; 4/19/2017. $150,000

1139 Oak Lane, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC Atty; US Bank to Ruiz-Mesa Krystal, Ruiz-Mesa Mario; 4/19/2017. $43,600

2489 Sanford Drive, Foster Jamie L, Hilliard Belford C, Sanchez Chazaric; 4/19/2017. $160,000

1107 Sharp Road, JPmorgan Chase Bank to T-Ray Investments LLC; 4/20/2017. $70,000

826 W Wheat Road, Akay Gizem, Akay Volkan, Castaneda Mario Salinas, Hernandez Claudia Martinez; 4/20/2017. $135,000

Ocean County


28 Compass Lane, Monteleone Theresa L, Ruggiano Lisa Monteleone to Ramos Jose A Jr; 4/19/2017. $229,000

162 Village Drive, Wells Fargo Bank Na to Goldman Jacob; 4/19/2017. $96,200

9 Pomona Drive, Thomas Margaret, Griffin Margaret, Thomas Gregory to Moussette James, Moussette Louise; 4/19/2017. $178,000

18 Savannah Drive, Pluemacher Patricia L to Zirilli Joshua, Zirilli Stacy; 4/19/2017. $320,000

41 Compass Lane, Turso Anna C, Turso Carol, Turso Michael P to Greene Peter, Greene Brittany; 4/20/2017. $182,000

9 Tradewinds Ave, Karl Stephen R Living Trust, Karl Denise, Stephen R Karl Living Trust to Walters Development Co LLC; 4/20/2017. $25,000

31 Rockland St, Heritage Point, Heritage Point Inc to Bonifacio George, Bonifacio Rose; 4/20/2017. $362,500

18 Tulsa Drive N, Scagnelli Rae Ann, Scagnelli Louis Jr to Matson Cheryl; 4/21/2017. $158,000

12 Reno Court, to Gsaa Home Equity Trust, US Bank, Wachovia Bank, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC; 4/21/2017. $70,000

173 Nautilus Drive, Tidholm Karl Anders, Tidholm Rita A, Murphy Rita A to Kowalski Robert Jr, Kowalski Robert J Sr, Kowalski Gretchen G; 4/21/2017. $350,000


218 Fifth St, Scarperi Robert M, Kasen Stephanie to Langiulli Richard, Mayer Kristen; 4/18/2017. $940,000

1 Centre St Unit 11, Byrne Keith, Byrne Diane to Santoriello Jason, Santoriello Stephanie; 4/18/2017. $752,500

1000 North Bay Ave, Gelder Mark Stephen, Gelder Carol Ann Hoppes, Privetera Lora to Cianco Sam, Cianco Randi; 4/19/2017. $675,000


Seaman Ave, Ryll George Sr, Ryll Barbara to Reaves Wayne; 4/21/2017. $48,000


463 Barnacle Road, Thompson Kimberly, Vazquez Kimberly, Thompson Eric to Rizzo Michael, Triolo Christine; 4/18/2017. $214,900

706-4 Old Shore Road, Pierson Kathleen, Quinn Thomas P to J A K Old Shore LLC; 4/18/2017. $150,000

306 Clairmore Ave, Muermann Bryan, Muermann Wanda to Gardner Brandon, Russomanno Catherine A; 4/18/2017. $208,000

5 Abbey Court, Poland Laura C, Poland Daniel C to Jankowski John, Jankowski Christine; 4/18/2017. $163,000

1106 Pensacola Road, Ocean County Sheriff, US Bank, Newman Kenneth S, Newman Irene C, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, Wachovia Bank, Newman Yvette M, U.S. HUD; 4/19/2017. $151,000

1 Hamptonshire Way, Toll Land XI Limited Partnership, Toll Land Corp No 10 to Marino Linda C; 4/19/2017. $406,772

1689 Joffre Road, Haringa Carolyn H, Young Carolyn, Young James W to Corliss Bill, Corliss Christine; 4/20/2017. $195,000

211 Chestnut Drive, Paradise Jamie, Central Shore Funding LLC to Wall Deann; 4/20/2017. $183,000

1316 Wood Ave, Opteum Financial Services Inc, Rahway Hospital, Ocean County Sheriff, US Bank, Ditech Financial LLC, Walsh Robert J Jr, Walsh Sandra, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. to US Bank; 4/20/2017. $121,000

206 Natucket Road, Phelan Hallinan Diamond Jones PC, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Phelan Hallinan Diamond PC to Santos David L; 4/21/2017. $52,900

91 Sheffield Drive, Boyle Colleen P, Boyle Arthur Jr, Boyle Kathleen V to Pluemacher Patricia; 4/21/2017. $159,500

807 Harbor Road, Blakeney Edmund, Blakeney Janice to Dimarco Joseph S, Dimarco Christina J; 4/21/2017. $215,500


27 Oak Leaf Drive, Clayton James J, Rowen Mary Clayton, Clayton Franklin, Clayton Franklin P, Clayton Franklin Paul to Jones Kenneth, Maffei Megan; 4/18/2017. $147,000

75 Ivy Creek Drive, Mtglq Investors LP, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to Flynn Louise A; 4/18/2017. $135,900

16 Marina Way, Swinicki Carole, Holder Elizabeth L, Holder August J to Fields Joyce Sharon; 4/18/2017. $193,000

107 Lake Deerbrook Drive, Thatcher Charles H to 21st Mortgage Corporation; 4/19/2017. $128,276

7 Golf View Drive, Hartley Thomas E III, Hartley Virginia M to Gleason William J; 4/19/2017. $295,000

18 Bear Hollow Lane, Ackley Timothy P, Ackley Katherinem to Kopp Frederick, Kopp Erin; 4/19/2017. $239,000

12 Kara Court, Powers Kirn LLC, Fannie Mae to Width-Sysol Heather E, Width-Sysol Sarah M; 4/19/2017. $315,000

1130 Radio Road, Hoopes Robert P, Hoopes Theresa M to Hoopes Dawn; 4/20/2017. $280,000

131 E Dory Drive, Block Jacob M Income Only Trust, Block Clementine L Income Only Trust, Block Brett Ellen, to Heckmann David J, Heckmann Jacqueline R; 4/20/2017. $60,000

149 N Ensign Drive, Hopkins Donald F, Hopkins Cynthia Lyn to Mcdonald Cindi; 4/21/2017. $225,000

101 Sea Meadow Drive, Mavrogiannis Nickolaos to Dutka Ronald, Dutka Renee; 4/21/2017. $86,000

112 Kosciuski Way, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, Wells Fargo Bank, Bavuso David J Jr, Bavuso Jessica, TD Bank, Ocean County Sheriff to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC; 4/21/2017. $101,000


12 W Carolina Ave, Ruvolo Clara, Ruvolo Louis S to Halpin Marilyn K; 4/18/2017. $717,000

7409 Long Beach Blvd, D’souza Warren A, D’souza Jayme L to Smith Gary Lee, Smith Cynthia, Smith Kevin Michael, Smith Jennifer Lauren; 4/19/2017. $692,000

72 Auburn Road, Callaghan Janet M, Schramm Joan E to Treatman Howard, Treatman Aharona; 4/19/2017. $825,000

7302 Ocean Blvd, Jordan Benedict J, Jordan Geraldine M to Gridley Christopher D, Gridley Megan A; 4/19/2017. $897,000

19 W Old Whaling Lane, Shanagan Susan, Barski Adeline, Barski Charles to Saliga Marisa Kabasinskas, Saliga Robert David; 4/19/2017. $610,000

66 Antioch Road, Konrad Sandra to Stem Herbert Craig; 4/19/2017. $999,500

44 W Oceanview Drive, Knittweis Jim W, Bluestein Marvin to Berliner Robert, Berliner Frances; 4/19/2017. $747,000

6 W South 31st St, Conlon Vincent J, Conlon Jacqueline Regina, Revocable Trust Agreement to Wiernik Bridget; 4/19/2017. $800,000

29 Holly Drive, Gates Wilton J III to Gates Copeland B; 4/20/2017. $425,531

100 E 30th St, Mancini Custom Homes Inc to Corb Kevin, Corb Susan; 4/20/2017. $1,450,000


1494 Paul Blvd, Janzer Builders Inc to Ziegler Charles W Jr, Ziegler Cynthia; 4/13/2017. $825,000

125 Galleon Road, Slocum Robert H, Slocum Roxane M, Slocum Roxanne M to Verardi Brian, Verardi Jennifer; 4/13/2017. $325,000

1279 Paul Blvd, Peoni Frederick, Peoni Kimberly to Larsen Stephen, Larsen Patricia; 4/17/2017. $705,000

200 Nautilus Drive, Golderer Jason C, Golderer Jeannine M to Heade William F, Heade Tara D; 4/17/2017. $226,500

329 Nautilus Drive, Mtglq Investors, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to Curtis Todd L; 4/17/2017. $195,100

100 David Drive, Css Secured Lending LLC, Schoenig C Scott to Gaskill John, Gaskill Kimberley; 4/17/2017. $158,400

157 Bruce Drive, Holman Gregory J, Holman Leigh M to Holman Gregory J; 4/17/2017. $113,796

Units 6&8, Jdma LLC, Finelli Donald, Finelli Kathleen to Desantis Oksana; 4/17/2017. $311,000

124 Florence Lane, Mcnama Cheryl, Lopez Cheryl Riola to Lutz Daniel A, Lutz Doreen L; 4/18/2017. $300,000

68 Marguerite Lane, Delgiudice Paul, Delgiudice Patricia to Kelly Thomas, Kelly Gail; 4/18/2017. $799,000

1074 Windlass Dr, Ocean County Sheriff, Levenson Stephen, Levenson Carol A, Asset Recovery, Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb, Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A, Wells Fargo Bank, Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb, Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust; 4/19/2017. $101,000

68 Rona Lane, Navickas John C, Navickas Margaret M to Haines Christopher J, Manicone Joann M; 4/19/2017. $262,500

1090 Ridge Ave, Klimek Jacob J, Klimek Jeanine to Desantis Joanna M; 4/19/2017. $525,000

1014 Whispering Oak Circle, Samuel Ronald, Samuel Laura to Golderer Jason, Golderer Jeannine; 4/19/2017. $340,000

990 Sandy Circle, Omni And Brook Holdings Inc, Grunfeld Menashe to Robillard Tracy; 4/20/2017. $209,000

340 S Lakeshore Drive, Cho Jung Young, Cho Duck II, Cho David Younghoon to Manko Peter; 4/21/2017. $290,000

1245 Jennifer Lane, Fuessinger Mark B, Fuessinger Bernard R to Gao Shiping, Guo Jianhua; 4/21/2017. $410,000

116 Morris Blvd, Bellack John B, Macheda Barbara to Maley William; 4/21/2017. $170,000

100 Clyde Lane, Ferguson Glenn, Ferguson Janis to Rosenzweig David C, Rosenzweig Kathleen A; 4/21/2017. $405,000


318 N Second St, Linton John, Linton Patricia to Fischer Robert R, Fischer Kathy A; 4/13/2017. $595,000

407 N Barnegat Ave, Merlino Mary F to Russo Jr Peter J, Russo Christine L; 4/19/2017. $435,000

269 N Third St, Kudatzy Kevin K to Luttrell Margaret N; 4/19/2017. $570,000

31 N First St, Foster Richard H, Foster Brian R, Foster Amy, Foster Kevin W, Foster Erin, Foster William B, Foster Richard C, Merkelbach Richard C, Merkelbach Marianne S to Foster William B, Pepitone Pamela, Foster Richard H, Foster Brian R, Foster Amy, Foster Kevin W, Foster Erin, Foster Richard C, Foster Karen; 4/20/2017. $320,000


156 Center St, Situckerton LLC, Ives Steven, Ives Irene to Olsen David, Olsen Denise; 4/17/2017. $230,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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