Interlock devices in New Jersey are provided by the following manufacturers:

Draeger Interlock, Inc

Guardian Interlock Systems

National Interlock Service LTD

Smart Start of New Jersey

Sens-O-Lock Distribution of New England, Ltd.

State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

Cost is one reason why people oppose ignition locks for some first-time offenders. Interlock devices cost about $75 a month, not including maintenance fees. According to Draeger Interlock owner Jason Gooberman, one of five companies to supply ignition lock devices in New Jersey, his company provides discounted interlocks for people receiving public assistance.

"It costs about $2.30 a day to use an interlock, and that's the same amount of money as one drink," Gooberman said. "For people on food stamps that's $1.15 a day, and there's not a bar in New Jersey where you can find a drink at that price."

Gooberman said device costs drop in states with mandatory interlock laws -- to about $45 a month.