Irene facts

Peak wind gusts:

75mph at the Cape May Ferry Terminal in Cape May

69mph in Harvey Cedars and Tuckerton

66mph at Atlantic City Marina

Source: The National Weather Service


Estell Manor - 8.76 inches

Wildwood - 7.22 inches

Hammonton - 6.76 inches

Millville - 6.31 inches

Cape May - 6.06 inches

Atlantic City International Airport - 5.88 inches

Atlantic City Marina - 5.16 inches

Source: The National Weather Service

Storm surge:

High tides in Atlantic City the weekend Irene struck were forecasted to be unusually high based on the new moon. However, the storm made landfall at low tide. The high tide water level on Saturday, Aug. 27, at 4 p.m. was 6.96 feet, included a 2.15-foot storm surge. The maximum amount of storm surge reached 3.27 feet, but that occurred at low tide. A second high tide at 5:30 a.m., Aug. 28, 2011, reached  6.53 feet, but that occurred after the center of the storm had passed.

Source: The National Weather Service

Irene’s toll in New Jersey:

Cost: More than $1 billion, making Irene the costliest disaster in state history

Killed: 11

Mandatory evacuations in Cape May, Atlantic and Ocean counties

FEMA cost for public entities: $99,111,766 for 2,465 projects in the state

Housing and other assistance for individuals and businesses: $175,378,465 for 49,271 claims

Source: New Jersey Office of Emergency Management