Three years ago, the superhero/god we knew as Thor was rendered unworthy of wielding his enchanted hammer, and the mortal woman Jane Foster stepped in to fill the role.

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Question: You recently reviewed a small speaker than can play FM, but without the ability to directly tune a specific station. I mostly want an FM radio so I can listen to NPR at home and when I travel. Is there anything similar with more of a radio focus? — J.D., South Bend, Indiana

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Driven by younger audiences, the small-budget horror thriller "Happy Death Day" opened this weekend in the top spot at the box office with $26 million, while "Blade Runner 2049" slid into second place in its second weekend in theaters with $15.5 million.

Demanding deadlines, overbooked schedules, back-to-back activities, family concerns — all can cause the sudden onset of a throbbing, painful migraine headache for hours or even days. So can family history, changes in wake-sleep patterns, certain foods, dehydration and “screen time,” along wi…

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Thousands of women are responding to actress Alyssa Milano's call to tweet "me too" to raise awareness of sexual harassment and assault following the recent revelation of decades of allegations of sexual misconduct by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

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