All food and drink farmers and artisans in southern New Jersey are being asked to be a part of a national food and drink mapping project that comes Sept. 22 to Atlantic City.

Andrea Blum is the founder of a photo project called My American Pantry, or MAP, an atlas of American Food and Drink.

The project will be traveling around the country documenting by aerial photography and geography the array of artisans and products around the country. Blum wants the project to be a celebration of creativity, entrepreneurship and taste.

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Blum has the photo scheduled to take place 3 p.m. Sept. 22, but doesn't have an exact location yet. She is looking to have the photo taken on a beach or in a field.

"The goal is to travel around the country documenting the new and expanding American artisan food and drink landscape and to celebrate the stories of craftspeople and place as part of an interactive MAP of American food culture," said Blum, who is from Atlantic City.

Blum is currently the culinary artist in residence at the Montalvo Art Center in Saratoga, Calif.

This project started in January. The initial photos were all taken in California, Marin County, Santa Cruz and on the rooftop of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Next month, Blum plans to hit Massachusetts before coming to Atlantic City.

"I have an arts background and a journalism background. Basically, I'm getting photographs. I'm getting all these people in one spot, and it's a very powerful image. These things, people seemed to love them. I took one and thought, 'Oh my God, this is a project,'" said Blum, who added by starting locally she was able to basically begin the project on her own. "Then, I see it's actually taking off. People have offered me book deals.. This is a no-brainer. This is going to work."

Kenny Blum of Truckee, Calif., Andrea Blum's brother, operates the drone that takes the picture.

To be part of the shoot sign in at the New Jersey link at

The details of what to bring will be sent to you. You bring your products and the tools of the trade that represent you. The Blums will arrange the people and shoot the photo with the remote camera flying above.

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