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  1. Miss NJ Brenna Weick traveled long pageant road to Miss America

    Brenna Weick sat sipping coffee at Coffee Works in Voorhees Township as she looked over her schedule for the day.
  2. Take our quiz: What Boardwalk food do you identify with?

    By the middle of a South Jersey summer, you’ve probably traversed a boardwalk or two. And, if you’re anything like us, that involved sampling some boardwalk-famous treats.
  3. Like the 'Star Trek' series, local fandom lives long, prospers

    For Rita Marcon, of Northfield, the inclusiveness of the “Star Trek” science-fiction franchise proved to be irresistible.

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Producers, celebs to explore inequality in Epix documentary series

Super-producers Norman Lear and Shonda Rhimes will team with celebrities including Amy Poehler and Common for a documentary series on Epix exploring inequality, the network announced Tuesday.

Meet the woman who creates the 'Empire' empire

CHICAGO - When "Empire" protagonist Lucious Lyon meets with his three sons in his plush New York mansion, or when Lyon's ex-wife, Cookie, holds court with the hip-hop mogul in his gleaming Manhattan office, the main focus is on the implausible-yet-entertaining plot and the scenery-chewing performances from Terrence Howard's Lucious and Taraji P. Henson's Cookie.

Netflix's 'Making a Murderer' series depicts justice gone awry

NEW YORK - "Making a Murderer" is the latest series to demand you not just watch, but binge.

Celebrity news: Poehler, Fey to co-host December 'Saturday Night Live'

“Saturday Night Live” has announced its last episodes of 2015 and there are some pretty exciting names on the host roster.

New 'Star Trek' series available on CBS All Access in 2017

NEW YORK (AP) — “Star Trek” is going boldly where it hasn’t gone before with a brand-new edition of the sci-fi TV franchise.

PBS taking live, three-night look at California's Monterey Bay

NEW YORK - PBS is bringing a live whale watch into the nation's living rooms - and throwing in some seals, sea otters, dolphins and pelicans.

'Diary of Teenage Girl' harsh, wonderful coming-of-age tale

It is 1976, the year of harvest gold and avocado green wallpaper and cowl-neck sweaters as massive and ever-present as the TV coverage of the Patty Hearst abduction. Minnie Goetze, a San Francisco 15-year-old portrayed by the remarkable British actress Bel Powley, sits on a sofa next to the boyfriend of her mother (note-perfect Kristen Wiig), a party girl foremost and nominal, occasional mother secondarily.

'Fear the Walking Dead' shows life before zombies

LOS ANGELES - Two crucial questions await "Fear the Walking Dead," the spinoff to AMC's monster hit "The Walking Dead."

Patrick Stewart flexes comedy muscle in 'Blunt Talk'

LOS ANGELES - Patrick Stewart never really considered himself a funny guy.

Nickelodeon's 'Nick News' show profiles dying children

NEW YORK - Even though Linda Ellerbee has addressed many tough topics with young audiences before, it took a decade before Nickelodeon approved her idea of a "Nick News" episode where children with terminal illnesses talk about their lives.

Gina Rodriguez looks ahead to season 2 of 'Jane the Virgin'

NEW YORK - Im-maculate conception (sort of). Engagement. Breakup. Childbirth. Kidnapping.

Broadway tours give behind-the-scenes perspective for theatergoers

NEW YORK - Visitors to Times Square looking for some theater history may be discouraged at the idea of dodging flocks of Elmo impersonators, Statues of Liberty and Naked Cowboys. A good guide is as important as a stiff elbow.

Louis C.K. creating new FX comedy "Better Things"

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Louis C.K. is taking a break before doing a sixth season of his FX comedy, "Louie." But that doesn't mean he won't be busy.

Narcissism can be good in comedy: Not so in 'Difficult People'

From the "I wanna be a star" high jinks of "I Love Lucy" to the micro self-absorption of "Seinfeld," narcissism has always been a key ingredient in comedy. In recent years, however, self-centeredness has become not just predictable, but synonymous with adorable - the internal myopia of lead characters regularly passed off as quirky, or cavalier or even admirable.

Franny the Shopaholic: Downy fabric softener ball cheaper at Target

Dear Franny The Shopaholic: Please help me buy a Downy fabric softener ball locally. They want $8 to ship a $4 item online. - Jean, Cape May Court House

Serious fun: Jon Stewart keeps news in the comedy news biz

NEW YORK - After more than 16 years and nearly 2,600 telecasts, Jon Stewart can feel proud of his scads of Emmys and his pair of Peabody Awards, his cultural gravitas (he hung with the Prez, both on and off the air!), even his reprobate status at Fox News.

10 'Daily Show' highlights reveal Stewart at his best

When he leaves Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" Thursday after hosting nearly 2,600 episodes, Jon Stewart will have logged too many great moments to count. But here are 10 Stewart highlights - both on and off the show - worth remembering:

Netflix keeps disrupting the TV status quo

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - With more than 65 million subscribers worldwide, online streaming service Netflix continues to disrupt TV's historical status quo with buzzworthy hits "Orange Is the New Black," "House of Cards," "Marvel's Daredevil" and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."

'America's Got Talent' marks its 10th year

It's hard to believe, but "America's Got Talent" just celebrated its 10th anniversary. Who would've thought that a break-dancing cow, a turtle puppet that sings like Roy Orbison or a guy who makes music with his fingers could make a winning show?

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