Resident Stone is an original, rock 'n' roll outfit native to southern New Jersey - and the band couldn't be more proud.

"We hail from Atlantic City," Rick Land, guitarist for the band, says. "We love the Jersey crowd because they are our people; we love everybody to death. We have the most awesome fans and friends that come out to the shows, and we wouldn't want to be from anywhere else."

Resident Stone grew out of a 2009 meeting between Rob Deif, lead vocalist for the group, and Land. The two met through an Internet posting of Deif's, as he was looking for a band in need of a vocalist. The two met in the two-door garage Land converted into a musical space, and the rest was history.

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"When I read Rob's ad that he was a singer for hire, I was just out of a death-metal band, which wasn't really my thing," Land explains. "I sent him an

e-mail, he showed up, and right away we both had the same influences. We jammed on some Black Sabbath and Guns N Roses, and we decided to start the band."

But putting together the additional pieces of Resident Stone was not as easy as Land and Deif's first chance meeting.

"It took us a long time to find the perfect five," Land says. "The entire band is like a nucleus, and within the last four or five months, we've really taken off."

A big part of Resident Stone's appeal and, ultimately, its success, is the band's live performance.

"We're a band that goes out there, gives 100 percent, and puts on a show that exudes raw energy," Land says. "The energy between the five of us is something you won't see from other local bands. We've got a swagger about us."

Land encourages all local music lovers to experience Resident Stone Saturday, Dec. 18, as the band plays Le Grand Fromage, located at 25 Gordon's Alley in Atlantic City. The show starts at 8 p.m.

Resident Stone

Roster: Rob Deif, lead vocals; Rick Land, guitar; Rebel Somers, guitar; Sam Ross, bass; Andrew Clark, drums.

What To Expect: Original, high energy rock 'n' roll reminiscent of bands such as Aerosmith.

Fan Favorites: Land lists "The Knight," "Revelation" and "Solitude Society" as the band's best original tunes.

Websites:, and you can also look up the band on Facebook.," target= "_blank">


Go See Them: Catch Resident Stone at Le Grand Fromage, located at 25 Gordon's Alley in Atlantic City Saturday, Dec. 18. The show starts at 8 p.m. Call 609-347-2743 for more info.

- Story by Rebecca Grites; photo courtesy of Resident Stone

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