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  1. Off the Clock: My love letter to Stephen Sondheim

    Dear Stephen,
  2. 100 years ago, ‘man-eater’ terrorized the Jersey Shore

    Long before the summer of 1975, when Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” convinced moviegoers not to go near the water, the Jersey Shore had its own bit of shark-attack history, in some ways much stranger than fiction.
  3. Thrilling grilling: Cooking more than your standard hot dogs

    The beginning of summer is time to dust off one of the most crucial pieces of cookware this time of season: the grill. Prepping meals by turning up the heat outside is a popular idea. About 75 percent of all U.S. households own a grill or smoker, according to a Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association study. Instead of throwing on the usual burgers, hotdogs and steaks, you can get more creative and try grilling some of these non-traditional foods and dishes.  Story/recipes by Nicole Leonard. 

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Blink-182 to play A.C. beach concert on Labor Day

ATLANTIC CITY — Punk rock veterans Blink-182 will be coming to the beach on Labor Day, Sept. 5, according to promoter Live Nation.

Dr. Nina: Hot weather brings risks to our health

The warm months are a great time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. But as temperatures rise, it is important to brush-up on understandings and tips to prevent heat-related illnesses. Experts agree that, generally, heat-related illnesses can strike anyone of any age. However, the elderly, those on certain medications, and children under 4 are at an even greater risk.

Local shark researchers study sea’s big predators

Shark Week is back.

Some South Jersey adults get autism diagnoses later in life

For 45 years, Sharon Kane didn’t know why she acted in certain ways.

‘Independence Day’ sequel is big, dumb summer fun

If you have any interest in a sequel to “Independence Day,” you’ll likely not be disappointed by the improbably enjoyable “Independence Day: Resurgence .” It’s silly, light-as-air popcorn entertainment.

To South Jersey extreme athletes, marathon may be a warm-up

In person, Richard McCleary seems mild-mannered. But he sometimes goes to extremes.

Stockton’s Marine Station on ‘When Sharks Attack’ Friday

Stockton University’s Marine Field Station, based in Port Republic, will be featured Friday in a television episode of Nat Geo WILD’s “When Sharks Attack”

New episode of -30- airs at 7:30 p.m.

Tonight at 7:30, another episode of The Press of Atlantic City's new television show, "-30-," will air on Stockton University's channel.

Miss Missouri first openly gay Missouri titleholder: Org chairman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri has its first openly gay Miss Missouri.

Dear Abby: End this affair to regain self-worth

Dear Abby: I met "Edward" at work six years ago. We were instantly attracted to each other and soon began an affair. We are both married to others.

Explore the Shore: Wheaton Arts attractions more than glass

It was raining.

Comics talk for your commute: Wednesday Morning Quarterback

Three old friends sit down at computers on either side of the Delaware River to catch up. They talk about trying to get in shape, toy with the idea of running a 5K together in Ocean City and explore the connective tissue between the two "Mannequin" movies from the 1980s.

'Game of Thrones' fan convention; Rolling Stones; more in entertainment

Fans of HBO's "Game of Thrones" will have the chance to immerse themselves in their favorite show next summer.

Hax: Learn to tolerate disapproving friend

Question: I am soon to be married. I just found out that my fiance's friend, who is in our wedding party, said my fiance "could marry better" and I just "drag him down."

Wildwood National Marbles Tournament begins

Marbles tournaments have been held at the Jersey Shore almost as long as marbles have been mass produced. This year’s installment begins today and runs through Thursday at Wildwood Avenue and the beach in Wildwood.

Why yoga is a growing practice for men

Jeff Battersby walked into Grace and Glory Yoga in Northfield on a cold January day to try a class recommended by a friend. It was intimidating, the idea of trying something completely new at a place where he didn’t know anyone, but then he spotted an old high school classmate.

Wedded bliss at Seashore Gardens, 31 years in the making

It was a simple outdoor ceremony, though larger than anyone had expected it would be.

How wine is tasted, created, celebrated in South Jersey

There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t watch laws or sausage being made. But seeing the process of how grapes turn into wine shouldn’t scare anyone.

Dr. Nina: Men need a better health IQ

More boys than girls are born every year in the U.S. And, the facts are - from the young to the old - females are healthier than males. Men lead women in the 15 top causes of death except for Alzheimer's disease, which many experts attribute to the fact men die almost six years earlier than women, on average.

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